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I was thinking about reviving a thread like this but didn't see this one. I recently was given back my old Shuffle and started using it again. Posted a little about it in another thread but had to stop but had to stop to avoid derailing it. Didn't really like the Shuffle when I got it because I needed something for a full work day and I change my mind about what I want to listen to a lot and never got into random playlist. At the time I also hadn't noticed much special about sound quality because I didn't have any decent headphones.


So lately I've been using it for short walks or as my bed rig with my HD555 (re-terminated and cable shortened). It still amazes me to have so much sound coming from such a little device. The shuffle has become my new way to audition my latest CDs or music downloads because its perfect for just listening to certain albums without having to put them on the Nano. The headphone jack on mine has minor issue, the USB cap is missing and its a little scratched up but still works great.


It seems weird to me that it doesn't support ALAC or even AIFF but can play WAV files, but I would rather fit more onto it with AAC anyways. It even plays true VBR encoded files encoded at higher bitrates which are a nice compromise and I'm sure its over kill but sounds great. I don't have an encoder that does AAC CBR higher than 320 but that seems like a waste of space anyways and my shuffle is only a 512MB.


Of course there is some hiss with my Triple Fi 10s but I don't think I minded it too much when the music was playing. Maybe I will listen with these later today to see if I'm wrong because someone said they were a horrible match but last week when I tried, they sounded pretty good to me when songs were not too quiet or paused. :)

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^I have 2 4g nanos and think the shuffle sounds better.i would try out the px 100s if i was you.i love how easy the shuffle is (no wire-straight into usb port) 

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PX100s were my first decent headphones that showed me what better sound was but mine were stolen before I got the shuffle and I was stuck with cheaper in ears for years before I got anything much more than $30. I'm sure they would be great because my HD555 work well with it. Even with the slightly shorter cable and the smaller jack its kind of funny to have that little player connected to a big pair of headphones. Back when I first got the shuffle I didn't have good access to a USB port so I had to use a cable but now I just plug it straight in.


For the longest time I would only use the 4G Nano with an amp and LOD but after a while I started using without and its not great but good enough for being outside. The shuffle does sound a lot better to me and its great for when Im not too far from the computer so I can change out the songs if I want to. It's an impressive little device, but it was very pricey when it came out so at least it made up for it somehow. :)

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I loved my 1st gen shuffles. But they all died. I would get another except for that. 

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^^^i bid on e bay all the time for them.my max bid is about £7.i have about 15 but some are broke.

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Mine has gone back to retirement for now. Back into a drawer to wait. Although I did recently get a new pair of cans I haven't tried it with yet.

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^^^^is there much of a difference between your 128GB 5G iPod and your shuffle soundwise

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Not really sure. Only recently got the 5G and it definitely sounds better than my old 4G Nano. My guess is they are similar because I think they might use the same opamp if I recall correctly.

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