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I still have a 1GB 1st gen one. I used to use it a lot when I didn't have pocket space for my iPod video, but ever since getting the iPhone I have not used it as I always have my phone (and therefore my music player) on me at all times.

I agree that it sounds great and I am trying to think of some use for it before I detach it from the USB port..... maybe for PS3 game saves?

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I use it to run with
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Originally Posted by Gene View Post
I have the Gen. 2 Shuffle but it doesn't touch the SQ of my two 1st gen Shuffles. I just love the SQ of the old ones.

How many of you still have and are still using the 1st gen Shuffles?
I have two 1 gig 1st gen shuffles. I use them regularly to walk the dogs (with Koss KSC-35) and to ride an exercise bike (with Shure E4). Quite satisfied with SQ and the tactile feedback for these purposes.
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i have a 512mb 1st Gen Shuffle

Can't really fit much, and I never played any high bit rate mp3s through it...hmm I'll try that.
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I used to have one for the gym. However the battery died and I'm not sure its worth the cost to get it repaired. Probably will just pick up a new Sansa Clip.
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A great little player. I've got one and it still gets used often. IMO it has a warmer, richer sound than my wifes new Nano. The power output/volume is better and I never have to worry about damage when packing it around in my pocket.

It could be the best sounding, out of the box, apple ever made.
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I want one so bad x_____x
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Ah, I used to have one...a 1GB too! But I sold it to a Head-Fi member a few years back in person. It's rather funny, now that I think about it. It must have looked like a drug deal...me and a young man exchanging a package for money under the flagpole of my high school.
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man, i really want one x.x
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I lost my 1G shuffle
I have a green 2G but it hisses so much.... I wanna find my old one.
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I wish I could fix mine but I don't see any way to open it up. The HP jack is bad.
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Mine is broke. It went through the laundry. It only turns on if you keep plugging it and back out of the usb.
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I use several 1st gen. ipods - mainly for hiking. For me, in that situation, it provides the best package of sound, size, features, usability, and (eb*y-) Price (in case I have to replace one).

And, I tried using poddox with it (tiny little piece of software to avoid itunes) - it worked smoothly, I liked it!
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I still have two of the 512mb units. One required some fiddling with in order to reformat the unit and get it to take a charge. I suspect it is on its last legs. The other works great all the time. Course I can't remember which is which anymore!

I used it at the gym, but now I mainly use the Sansa Fuze, which sounds about the same but adds fm and a display. I find the Fuze a bit harder to load the way I want using windows media player (anybody find a better way to use these?) than the shuffle.

I looked at selling the shuffle at one point, but they did not seem to have much of a resale value. The comments about "I want one" would be easily met on ebay, methinks.

Hey for the right offer I'd sell both of mine (you have seen my disclosures already!).
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i have a 1st gen for sale in the FS section

asking $30 shipped to conus, its in pretty good shape and the battery still pretty well too, its been sitting around for a while,
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