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Hi jude, do yo think the thin side piece that hold the phone could withstood minor accident like a fall (on carpet)? As said before I am rather clumsy lol....

Re: wood, I would not like to imagine how much solid wood like that will cost............not to mention each pair will sound different........
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I've been hearing that it's not dark, nor is it slow. This bodes very well for me. No 'veil' to speak of.

How is the vocal placement though? Is it the same as the HD6xx series, or are the primary singers more prominent?

I really enjoy the HD600s, but I'm looking for a sound that is more aggressive and free flowing, but not bright. This may be exactly what I've been searching for.
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Thanks for the impressions M, helps keep me on the preorder list. Can't wait to hear them. Sounds like you guys had fun over there....good stuff!
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Great measured impressions! I eagerly await comparison between the 800's stock and balanced and a well amped Omega I or II.
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Originally Posted by jude View Post
For what little it may be worth to you, I have some experience in audio and headphones of virtually all types. And I do admit that my experience shouldn't necessarily be relevant to you or anyone else.

I don't pay as much attention to price when gauging what to expect, only to say that we reasonably should expect more when we pay more. The HD600 and HD650 scale very well. Very well. (In my opinion, of course.) Put world class gear in front of those headphones, and many would agree that they'll give you world class sound. (It's not unusual to see these headphones plugged into some very expensive amps 'round here, by people who aren't making that headphone choice based on budget, but on performance.) Last year I sold my Grado HP-1. What I sold it for (and what it would cost to buy one) far exceeds the price for the HD 650, but I prefer the HD650 (otherwise I wouldn't have sold the HP-1). Price isn't my main measure. I've heard the L3000 and didn't like it. I've heard the Qualia 010 (and had it here for three months) and didn't like it. Etc. When it comes to headphones, price doesn't tell me much, even though it'd be nice if it was true for all people that we could know for certain that we'd all agree that a headphone that is priced at X*2 will always sound better one priced at X, but that's just not a truth, and I don't think will ever be.

The verdict is still out. But a handful of very experienced ears have listened to the HD800 (and I will include myself in saying that). It's a special headphone, in my opinion. Really special.
That's a really great post.
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Originally Posted by jude View Post
Price isn't my main measure....... price doesn't tell me much
Me neither. Not impressed at all with the R10 or W5000. The can that gets the most head time with me is the one that cost me the least.
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It was a very nice review, and something that I can relate to since I like my HD650 amongst all my cans. I also sometimes feel the vacuum the HD650 creates and Im glad that its gone in the HD800. Maybe in a year or 2 I can go for this
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Excellent review. A question though if I may. Does the new HD800 retain that special shape of soundstage that only the high end Sennheisers seem to have?.

I've had a pair of HD600's for some time and one of the things I've always loved about them is the un-headphone like soundstage they have, that the soundstage seems to curve out in front more like listening to good speakers, rather than the straight line through the ears of some other headphones.

I'm hoping this will still be the same for the HD800, only even more open...
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