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I just bought but have not received a pair of the ESP-9s for total of $150. There is the owners manual with them and according to the seller the energizer is only supposed to be plugged in for testing of low level inputs from the amp. Seemed kind of stupid to me since others seem to need this plugged in.

I will probably get in there and replace some caps, clean stuff up and put in a good EMI filter and a better cord.

Has anyone tried low power triode tube amps with stat cans? I have SS and can even plug it into an old silver faced Kenwood Receiver to keep it in the same time for electronics, but I tend to listen to tubes when I am just listening to tunes and not using the HT. I even have a kit on the way that I am upgrading but wanted the remote and computer interface so I can rip all my CDs and run them from a PC through a DAC and then the amp. If I can get away with using 6 watts I might use the extra transformers from the kit and build a SE tube amp just for the Koss 9 Stats.

I do have a pair a Janzen 2 panel tweets that sound like a bag of cats hooked up to SS but sing with PP tubes, but SE does not have enough power so it will be interesting to find out just what I need to drive the ESP-9s.

Thanks for the info on the foam from Koss, Ri. (Almost went to Ri S of D but got the hell out of NE, I don't like winter) Remember that the electronics from the early 70s were full of electrolytic caps that are probably about dried out by now and any in the signal path ought to have Nichicon Muse or something better put in and the power supply caps replaced by new medium grade since they are just AC filters. As in anything else they will only sound as good as the weakest link, so I plan on upgrading where I can.


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Will the groundless BTL mode arrangement of a Tri Path Lepai 2020A+ present a problem for the ESP 9?

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Apparently yes, it's bad.

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