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FS: Beyerdynamic Beyer Headband Pad DT250 **price drop

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Beyer DT250 head band pads. I have 4 up for sale that have not been used.

$7 each shipped CONUS, via PayPal (CC or non-CC both okay).

Or $4 each x quanity + $3 shipping. So two would be $11, three would be $15, and 4 would be $19.

To show what what these headband pads look like: 2 on left are unfolded, 2 on right are folded.
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Pics uploaded
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just wondering will it fit the AKG K518 DJ?
or, how long is it?

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Length is 9.3 inches or 23.4 cm.

Width when folded is about 1.4 inches or 3.5 cm.

As for the AKG K518, I have no idea as to whether it would fit or not.
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Do you still have these? Thanks.

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