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If you always get the best stuff you are never satisfied for long in this hobby. I try to get some good entry level stuff and make the sound for me. Slowly upgraded in this hobby and very happy with it. Finally bought a rack for my rig. When I was Commuting on the bus 2 hours each way I wanted some headphones that sounded good ( and didn't want anyone to notice them) with my Portaphile a couple years back. You can't knock Alex's work. If you get to check out his work it is done very professional and well worth it to me.

What 100.00 plus cable on my HD 580's? It is just Kimber Kable cost me like 45 bucks and a Furutech plug? That is what I use everyday.
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I am not knocking the cable. Last I checked Alexs cables start around $150. For KSC35 or 75 which are VERY cheap why spend so much on cabling?

Sorry that was kind of harsh. Its not garbage, just most people spend about half on cables at the high end. So I would expect you know, Rs-1s, etc before this intense cables. If you make your own than more power to you. But you make it seem like you buy these $500+ cables from your discription didnt notice you made your own til today. My point being the jump from 580 to 650 or 800 would be way more noticable and cost effective than exotic cabling on a cheaper product. when you could do that to the higher end. If you dont hurry though some of the magic phones will be lost. Like R10s, L3000, etc. After changing hands so much there are people who wont sell. I for one wouldnt sell a pair of those either one if my car caught on fire. I wouldnt even sell my HF-1 for under $2000 and even then only if I was SURE to get another. As I am a collector.

My main worry is MAINS cables. And if they really matter.
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One of my buddys have the L3000. It didn't do anything for me. Another has the HP-1's, Really like those. The R-1's are more dynamic but suffer in the mid's compared to the HP-1's. Just because I have a entry level system does not mean I don't listen to the good stuff. About ready to organize another meet. I listen to a lot of gear, this is why the system is where it is now. The best for me at the moment.
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Really I thought they are the truly BASS beasts of all time? Is this just hype? Cant be?....
Im giving up a kidney for a pair, say it isnt so!
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L3000 have bass, very refined. Nice HP. Too Polite for me.
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