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Lenovo Thinkpad X Series Appreciation Thread

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It has been a month since I received my X200s. At first I find it hard to believe that engadget mentioned that this baby can last 10 hours on a single charge.

But true indeed I have been able to leave my charger at home and go completely off on battery while on the job. The X200s can really run batteries for no less than 10 hours. Whoa I'd say
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X61 user here. Had a X31 before but when the harddrive broke I decided to sell it off and get the X61.

Love it. I can't imagine using another brand, or indeed another ThinkPad series.
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Does the Z series count?

If so, my Z60t is over 3-1/2 years old and still looks/works like it's brand new. I throw it around a fair bit so it's not like I go easy on it either.
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This thread needs pictures:

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I had the X60 tablet a couple of years back, and it was the best Windows notebook I've had. Very rugged build, the magnesium shell feels great to the touch (non slip, satin feel) yet resistant to scratches. The keyboard is probably the best in the notebook world.. just the right throw amount, muted clicks, perfectly placed trackpoint. I was apprehensive moving from touchpad to trackpoint at first, but it was a very easy migration for me. An upgrade even.. my productivity went up with the trackpad just milimeters away from my pointing finger's position resting on the keyboard
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i love my x61s
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Yep this thread need some pics. I will try to capture my X200s in action LOL
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I will most probably check in with an X200 in a couple of weeks.
My work laptop is to be replaced, and I have been offered an X200 or a 14" of the same brand (T61 I think). I prefer portability, so will go for the smaller one.

Looks quite nice, so I will probably be happy with it.
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I have an X32 and love it (OK, it's a bit slow but otherwise nice). Still trying to get my paws on an X61 or better.
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Like Walkingman, I had an X31 in the past and upgraded to an X61s. Had an X23 also, which I actually still have. I'm considering putting an SSD into my X61s.

Thinkpad uber alles.
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What kind of screens do you guys have on these things? The only X (a 61) I've ever sat behind was 1024x768 and it just felt like 1995 all over again But man, they're nice toys. Expensive too...
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My X61 has a 1024x768 screen. Not really bothered by the low resolution as I can easily connect to an external monitor.

But once Windows 7 comes I may get a X200s with higher dpi.
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Have a X60 and a Tablet X61, love both of them. X200 looks yummy.
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