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AKG 1000: price, and power requirements?

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Originally posted by mbriant

"The AKG 1000 has just recently been drastically reduced to $500. Prior to that I believe it was $1000 to $1200
Is this price drop already available in the US? Headroom's online catalog still ("still" = last night) shows a 4-digit price tag for this baby...

Also, does anybody have any experience driving the item with modest power output - like, say, from the RCA's on the back of a Headroom Max...?
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Posted by Todd (at HeadRoom) previously:

AKG Sale
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Re: AKG 1000: price, and power requirements?

The AKGs require a power amp, so a Max won't be able to drive them. I've driven them off an Acurus A80 power amp (80 WPC), and that works well. I'm currently using AKG's amplifier designed specifically for the K1000, and it works well, and better than the Acurus. I got the amp from Jan Meier.

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They need a power amp with at least 7 watts of power.

AKG's amplifier designed specifically for the K1000
As far as I know, this is the only amp that allows you to use the special AKG K1000 headphone plug. However, I heard that Headroom maybe is thinking of making a special amp for the AKG K1000.
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I don't think thats right, KR... the K1000 has a 4 pin XLR plug and Headroom states that they used it with the Antique Labs AQ1005DT... so, maybe some amps do have the XLR plug, or there is an adapter...
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I auditioned the AKG-1000 with the Cary CAD 3000SEI and it sounds wonderful. Isn't the Cary just a regualer integrated amp rather than a power amp? If so, how comes it sound so good? I thought you need a power amp for it to sounds its bests?
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I think that an integrated amp is generally used if you want to power speakers but don't want to get a pre-amp. Anyway, most integrated amps will have enough power to drive the K1000; as far as I know, once you have enough power to drive them sufficiently, adding more won't really help that much.

By the way, I auditioned the Cary with Vka comparing the K1000 with my Alessandro-Grado Music Series Pro headphone. In fact, I decided that I completely agreed with the review that Shivohum posted on Headwize a few weeks before it went down. However, I'll probably try to post my own review here anyway, especially since Headwize is still down.
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Right, it's a power amp intergrated with a preamp.
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I don't think thats right, KR... the K1000 has a 4 pin XLR plug and Headroom states that they used it with the Antique Labs AQ1005DT... so, maybe some amps do have the XLR plug, or there is an adapter...
No, I always right.... for the most part

The AKG K1000 comes with the adapter
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AKG K1000 care and feeding

I purchased a set of these from Headroom about a week ago. They are truely wonderful phones, and I can't recommend them enough. More details in the near future.

Being a long time audio enthusiast and packrat, I have various integrated amps and power amps laying around to try with the K1000s. Lower power seems to be better. You need the voltage, but not the current. The adapter that comes with the phones is a 4 pin XLR to tinned lead cable that is intended to connect directly to the speaker terminals of an amplifier.

Driving the phones off the amplifier outputs, per AKGs recommendations I was astounded at the articulation and resolution! IMHO my HD-600s do not even come close. What I did not like was the relatively high level in the upper frequency range, and some bass rolloff. Tollerable, and expected since these phones are not equalized, but a bit tiring to me. I noticed that I was only using 100 mW or less for most listening (ratioed 8/120 times the 1W peaks on my power meters). Since the impedence is 120 ohms, I decided to try running them off a headphone output. I was using an old Yamaha integrated amp at the time. Wow! The tilt in the response curve almost went away. I soldered on a 1/4" phone plug and have been listening to them that way since. I am now looking for an amp designed for the high impedence that can output around 1W (the rated power handling). I also tried driving them with an Airhead amp. Fine at low levels, but it could not push quite hard enough.

The amount of umph that the K1000s need also depends on how you wear them. Swing them way out, and you will need more power. I like them in closer, and I don't listen at very high levels.

I spoke with Todd yesterday about the amp issue. Headroom is working on something, so stay tuned.

Right now I am considering the Grado amp. The X-can has the power that I need, but I don't like the idea of the bass rolling off. The K1000s already roll below 50 hz at around 12db/octave, based on the published response curve. That also seems to vary greatly with placement.

My advice: grab a set of these headspeakers and worry about the amp later. They are a pleasure to listen to.

btw, isn't K1000 redundant?
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WOW! Thats awesome! I have the DCT-1 headphone amp that could out supposedly 500mw I think. Anyhow, how do you connect the AKG1000 to a headphone jack? Ohh, you gotta tell me how as I would love to see how the AKG1000 sound off my headphone amp.
Wouldn't it be awesome if there was an adaptor that allows you to connect the AKG-1000 to a headphone amp?
Please Headroom! Make an adaptor that allows the AKG1000 to be connected to a headphone amp that has enough juice.
Thank you
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My ZOTL puts out 1.5 watts max, and it has speaker outs because it is really intended to act as an amplifier for very efficient regular speakers.

I hear the K1000 calling. If others post positive experiences with low-power amps, I will investigate further.


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That's one wicked DIY Greg Freeman.

Maybe someone can make an adapter to a 1/4" phone plug.

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So, is anyone gonna start making some AKG-1000 adapter to a 1/4" phone plug or what, hehehe?
Headroom, are you listening?

Man, if this works, so much money can be saved from having to buy an extra amp just for the AKGs. Just to think, I was actually considering thinking of getting the Cary CAD 300SEI just for the AKGs.
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Grrr... you still have to get the Cary!

Even if AKG and (soon) Headroom make amps for the K1000, the Cary may still be better. In fact, I'd be willing to bet on it.
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