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FS: Bang & Olufsen Form 1 headphones ($75)

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Up for sale is a pair of Bang & Olufsen Form 1 headphones. These are the ones that preceeded the current production Form 2 phones, and are fairly difficult to find.

My first pair of decent headphones were the Form 2 - I still have them and use them a couple times a week. The Form 1 improves on everything that the Form 2 is good at: fairly neutral/balanced across the spectrum and a very good/realistic mid-range that is great for vocals. It also has a better soundstage and greater spatial placement than the Form 2.

They don't sound as good as my HD600s though.

This pair is in what I would call good condition - the main problem being the absence of foam pads. These can be bought from a few online places for about $20. Sonically, they have no issues that I can hear and the headband, cable etc have just normal scratches.

I can post pics later if folks are interested. Price is $75 plus shipping. I accept payment by PayPal only.

Thanks for looking!
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Joe would you post to uk?
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Plz post some pics.
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Pics as requested... also here is a link to the replacement pads ( LifeStyle AV | Bang & Olufsen - Miscellaneous - Form 1 Foam Earpad Replacement Kit ). They are a little more money than I had thought - 25 pounds sterling as opposed to $25. Still, if B&O is your thing, then you know how hard these are to find...and as I mentioned originally, the mids/vocals are quite lovely and reflect B&O's usual sound signature, which is (in my opinion, quite organic, natural and undervalued.

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Hello, do you still have these?

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Sorry to break this to you ---


But this thread is two years old.

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Yeah I know, but it was still worth trying

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Good luck!!

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Thank you!

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