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True... I'm also eyeing a P-51 portable amp. There's one up for sale that hopefully, has my name on it
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..That P-51 is now mine
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Thanks... Now all I need to do is share the joy.
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Now we just need to get some others in!
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Is there still any interest here? There's been 5 people from around the area, so we could have a half-decent meet...
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Like I said I am still down, and so is my friend. So theres 3 haha.. could use some more though
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Bump This could be fun, I have some new goodies
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I think there's still some interest, but this thread has long been forgotten
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ahh I wouldn't be so hasty bout it being forgotten, I am still down. I think the trick is to get a particular date in the future, anyone willing to host?
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I wish I could join, dude!
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Throwing this out here, any Haligonians have a pair of Grados? I'd like to hear what all the fuss is about, and which side of the fence I reside
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Windsor NS here... Putting my l337 thread NECRO skills to use.


I'd be up for a HRM meet / mini meet etc... I don't have much to bring, but it would be a good chance to put a face to a name!





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I know Benny-X who is active on this forum and who is from Nova-Scotia also.

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I'm just gonna reboot this thread because I am a lonely headphile with a very large collection of headphones to let people listen to! And I want to make friends! Is anyone up for at least a small meet? I'm tired of being alone in the game of headphones lol
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