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Originally Posted by tapehiss View Post
Nice review, thanks. And I hope someday I'm able to speak a foreign language half as good as you.
Thank you for your compliment. I've never communicated with some foreigners in a forum like here, hope that I will not make many mistakes in grammar. Since the unit is not very expensive, you can have a try, at least it's much better than the intergrated sound card in PC.
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USB DAC (PCM2707+DIR9001+PCM1793) + Headphone Amplifier - eBay (item 180396339383 end time Aug-22-09 08:09:05 PDT)

anyone know if this is the mkII like the aune?
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also does the aune have I2S?
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Originally Posted by donunus View Post
It's a copy...
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looks like the inside is not exactly the same. Anyway, what about i2s?
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Originally Posted by donunus View Post
looks like the inside is not exactly the same. Anyway, what about i2s?
I am not sure...
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I'm definitely interested in getting one. I'm not sure I want to get the copy. The internals don't look as good
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just got these. the internals are exactly like the original. even the looks are the same with just a different name. got the for $128 plus shipping
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Originally Posted by donunus View Post
anyone know if this is the mkII like the aune?
No it's not. It's MKII but not upgraded

P.S. Donunus a... where is The City of Gentle People?
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A City in one of the islands in the Philippines Dumaguete City
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Originally Posted by donunus View Post
A City in one of the islands in the Philippines Dumaguete City

By the way. How is a testing of your new AMP going?
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I dont have the amp yet
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Aah! Sorry. My misunderstanding.
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Questions about this unit (very basic)

What does the "A" "D" switch toggle between? I am going to connect this via USB to my laptop, and connect my Sennheiser HD600 headphones to the "PHONE" jack on this unit.

the "UNLOCK" and "POWER" lights are confusing too. Power I can understand means "ON", and since there is no ON/OFF switch I assume this is always on. What does "UNLOCK" mean?

Don't want to break my headphones with incorrect settings. Sorry for the extremely remedial question in advance... any help is appreciated.
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