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HIFIdiy's mini USB DAC MK2--Also a headphone amp!

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Curious if anyone here has tried one of this below for $169 shipped. It is a DAC and headphone amp in a very nice package. It sure is pretty and seems to be quite well-built as well. Please don't be shy to chime in and share your impression if you have experienced it.

: Mini USB DAC MK2+Headphone Amplifier(PCM2707+PCM1793+.) - eBay (item 290293969829 end time Mar-05-09 18:58:05 PST)

Thanks in advance,

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I've got in touch with five persons who've bought the previous version (still available). They've told me it is a decent DAC Amp with minor flaws. I think the Mk2 version was developped to address these weaknesses. Does it address all of them and to what extent, I don't know... Overall, I understand it's a good value, but you have to remember it's a 169$ product.
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But from the picture that link provided, the headphone jack still etched as "PHONE" like its previous version X_X
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Per the seller's response to an inquiry, this is a list of the differences/improvements made to the MK2 version. For the price of the unit, this seems quite substantial. I am curious if it is now a step above the MKI mentioned above. It would be great if people with actual hands on experience can chime in and share their perspectives--good or bad. Or, should I say pros and cons.

Q: I've been watching closely the previous version of this USB DAC. Could you tell what are the differences between the old and new versions? Thanks, Feb-04-09

A: Dear sir, This MK2 have these upgrade:

1. the power part have upgrade , the digital part have increase a regulators 7806, 1117-3.3/1117-5.5 upgrade to ON 1117-3.3/1117-5.5

2. All resistors upgraded to Dale Resistor

3. Partial capacitance upgraded to nichicon MUSE

4. All Red wima capacitance upgrade to black wima capacitance

5. VR upgrade to ALPS TYPE27

6. Upgrade to CNC carved panels

7. to-92 BC550/560 Upgrade to TO-220 TIP41C/TIP42C

8. Pcb routing optimization.

Thank you very much!
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I have bought this unit. I'm very pleased so far. I use it with my HD650 and it sounds fantastic.
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Hi Zardos,

Thanks for your feedback on this unit. I've been tempted to try and might just do it.


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Some pics

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I've just bought one of these units with the upgraded linear power supply a little blindly as there isn't much info knocking about but the spec seems pretty decent for the money. I'll post back with my impressions when i receive it, has anyone else have any experience/heard much about it?
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Thanks in advance, minusthetom. Will be looking forward to your feedback.


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I just recently sent my unit back for a minor but very irritating problem with the LEDs that the seller was unfortunately unable to ID.

Got my refund, but realised I would be hard pressed to beat the MK2 for the money, so promptly ordered another one! This time I've ordered the upgraded PSU, which should be interesting. Stable voltage also makes me happier to roll opamps with different current demands.

Hopefully it will be a good match for HF2s! The old unit certainly worked very well with Grados.
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Received my unit yesterday, mines the same as the one pictured above but with the upgraded psu.

Only problem I have encountered so far is the cable connecting the two was damaged at one of the plugs so I've decided i'm just gonna hard wire one end to the psu today.

Massive step up from my macbook headphone out, much more detail and clarity, hearing alot of new things in tracks that I've never noticed before. Getting alot more bass impact out of my grado's also.

Wish someone could do a zero dac comparison, at this units price point its a potential competitor i've just never heard one my self!
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Interesting reviews, I've just spotted this on ebay for a good price, with a slightly different from plate engraving (I'm a typography nut so love this)

A elaborate wonderful Mini DAC & Headphone Amp on eBay (end time 09-Jul-09 16:47:36 BST)

Very interested in this as it seems to be a great price. Not sure between this, a USB powered unit or a portable one for use with my HFI-780s. Will be buying in the next few months once I've moved house so we will see. Can anyone suggest a good portable one for around the same cash?

Looking at the Little Dot MKI but that's all i've found so far.
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Couldn't resist any longer and just ordered the above and will let you know how it sounds when it gets here (about 2 weeks).
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I see one on ebay right now for ~$150(or best offer)...
HIFIDIY.NET Mini USB DAC + Headphone Amplifier MK2 - eBay (item 260430354655 end time Jul-16-09 22:35:39 PDT)

Would the amp on this be able to drive my DT770 250ohms? I'd have it hooked up to either my Marantz CC4000 or my Fuze.
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There are at least three different versions of this DAC kicking around now, leaving aside different faceplates. The one Baba just posted is the best that is still easily available, having most of the important upgrades of the original MK2+. Good seller too, in my experience.

I have used my unit (a MK2+ with upgraded PSU) with numerous headphones, and it has never had any problems with any of them - various Grados, K601, K270, ER4P, etc etc. These were all lower impedance than DT770s, but the amp section is very powerful, so I can't imagine it will have any trouble driving your Beyers.

Aside from the aforementioned LED niggle, I have found this DAC to be absolutely superb. I don't have my Zero anymore to compare, but if memory serves me correctly the hifidiy unit is in a completely different league. Highly recommended!
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