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Bought a ASUS Xonar H6, arrived quickly and leeperry was helpful from start to finish. Definitely recommended.
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leeperry sold me some ad797B opamps (the best... i've heard ever) and gave very usefull help how to improve my system! The items was perfect, would do business again! Thanks man!
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Bought a Musiland Monitor 02 US from Leeperry and it was a perfect sale. Perfectly packaged and delivered when he said it would be. He even threw in a posh USB cable for nowt!
Thanks for doing business,

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Sold a Glass optical cable to him. Quick and easy sale. Thanks!
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Purchased like new Spitfire DAC + PSU, he threw in a gold-plated toslink cable for free.

Shipped across the pond to Canada in 5 business days.

Packaged both units discretely, and arrived without a scratch.

Wouldn't hesitate to purchase from in the future
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Bought a "HA-INFO NG COAX" USB to SPDIF interface and a "2M Audioquest VDM-XR 75Ω RCA/RCA cable" from LeePerry.

Very quick and helpful, pleasure to deal with.

Everything's been safely shipped and is now at work!

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Bought MDR-CD3000 earpads from leeperry. They just arrived in the mail box in excellent condition. Smooth transaction A+
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Bought some extremely big pads from Leeperry. This second experience was just as nice as the first one. Leeperry is a great and honest head-fier.


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Bought a Firestone Little Country 3 amp from leeperry and he was so nice and helpful. I can tell the amp has been well looked after and he gave me plenty of advice about tubes :). Thanks again.

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Bought some MDR-SA5000 earpads from leeperry.  Everything went smoothly.  Don't hesitate to do business!

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Bought some D2ks from leeperry, great communication and very easy to deal with!

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traded some d2000 cups to leeperry, great transaction

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Sold my musiland 01usd to Leeperry.  Fast payment and very communicative.  Thanks and enjoy.

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I traded leeperry my CD900ST for his CD1700. Great communication and he packed the headphones well and shipped them out very quickly. Would love to do business with again!

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Bought Firestone Spitfire DAC from leeperry.
He throws in a free Toslink cable and the packaging is top notch.
Excellent communication from the start, and was very helpful throughout the buying process.
He even give advice on lots of thing, truly a great head-fi'er.

Will definitely do business with him in the future, highly recommended.
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