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My feedback thread!

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I bought MDR-CD3000 earpads from leeperry.
All went well.
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I bought pads for my Sony MDR-CD3000. The pads appear fine and the seller was helpful. Recommended.
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pads came as advertised and kept this buyer well updated.
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Originally Posted by leeperry View Post
My feedback thread!
I ordered CD3000 earpads from leeperry - all went very well. Recommended.

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I bought DT770 earpads.
They arrived as described, shipping was very fast.
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Ordered DT770 Drivers & Velour Pads. Fast feedback and shipping- Highly recommended.
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Bought a genuine leather headband for my Darth's, arrived as described, everything went fine!


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Bought a Beyer case and Real Cable for my DT770.. Excellent!!!
No Problems AT ALL!


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Bought some Cryoparts wire from Leeperry. Great communication! For a while it was like we were chatting via the PM system
Got a great price, ultra fast shipping, great service.

So in short, a pleasure to deal with! Highly recommended and wouldn't hesitate to deal with Leeperry again! You (the reader of this) shouldn't either!
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I bought some Cryoparts wire from Leeperry as well and he was great to deal with. Highly recommended.
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I bought some Neutrik connectors from Leeperry. I got a good price, communication was stellar and Leeperry is overall a very nice guy to deal with.

Thanks for a great transaction!
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I bought a pair of sony cd3000s from leeperry. Item was packaged well and arrived promptly. It was a pleasure buying from leeperry and communication was exceptional. Would definately trade with him again.
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Bought an HDAM Earth module from leeeperry. Excellent transaction. Thanks!
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Bought a furutech 1/4 plug from leeperry.Pleasure to deal with.
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