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However, the line out on the ej01 is optical...so..it should be better than those of d777's.
Actually it'd probably be worse than the 777's line out because of how that one jack has to share digital and analog line out duty. I never really did like how Sony combined their digital and analog line outs into one jack...that's just more circuits behind that one jack to screw around with the sound. That's one thing I found especially neato on the Panasonic CT-570, it has a dedicated line out and a dedicated digital out...a nice (and pratically expected) touch for a flagship CDP.
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I guess I should be clear about this, I wouldn't go and actually buy a gumstick for any cd player now cause they are overpriced, and it also seems as if the newer Sony gumsticks are lower quality than my old one thats still going strong. But I would get as much use as possible out of the free one that comes with the cd player. I wouldn't even open up the battery cover to smell them :-)

I did mention that the only batteries I have bought in a long time at the GP 1600mah nimh AA batteries, I just haven't used them yet cuz I can't afford the damn charger and my old gumstick (actually my Sony battery is 2aa's bound together with a plastic piece that only fits in sony discmen) is still working fine.

I wouldn't advice buying a gumstick (they are pretty damn expensive for what you get) I was just saying that I don't mind getting them for free and not needing a charger. Plus my discman is the only thing I have that needs batteries so I don't havem much of a use for AA's anyways.

If you can get $40 for your batteries then good. I'd say you got your moneys worth.
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I can't say I really noticed much difference in the line outs. To tell you the truth, I thought they sounded pretty much the same. I've heard somewhere that the DAC in the D-Ej01 is awesome, but then again so was the one in the D-777. And the headphone out in the D-777 is much better. Right now I'm glad I have the optical out in the D-Ej01; fed into CAL Gamma and Earmax Pro and RS-1 it's very very enjoyable. The D-777 was treasured for its wonderful headphone output...coupled with 888lp earbuds it was a portable dream.

The D-777 did have one really bad flaw--attaching the external battery pack meant that access to the line-out was blocked off.

9 out of 10 children prefer gumsticks to yucky alkalines.

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Yes, but 7 out of 10 dentists recommend AAs over tartar building gumsticks.

Thanks for the info!! I got the D-EJ01 today and I am loving it.
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I just saw your battery sale over in the sale/trade forum...hahahahahha!!
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Gumsticks are so evil, that I can't even sell them at drastically reduced prices.
9 out of 10 children also love pokemon! But apparently no head-fier likes gumsticks! Gumstick lovers should unite and prove me wrong by purchasing my gumsticks!
If you don't, I will be victorious in making my case against the worthlessness of this technology! BWAHAHAHAHA
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I will let you win, since I already have 5 gumsticks...he ehe..
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9 out of 10 children do prefer gumsticks. And in fact, gumsticks are so nice and practical that no head-fier ever needs replacements! HAHAHAHA!!
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Ooooh good point.

BUT, looking at Purk's response, I realize that the truth is that headfiers are smart enough to have already stocked up on gumsticks. They know that they're going to be really expensive when Sonys got us all hooked on them and can jack up prices.

There's always the unwashed herds on eBay!!!
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I had a D-EJ01
I thought it was a beautiiful machine,
Then it died.

The Sony shop I bought from said every one they had sold
was returned with a fault!![thanks for telling me before I walked out the shop]
I hope it was typical of just that bunch,because I was imformed
they had a design floor in the cd insertion mech[that bit worked
fine on mine]and due to that Sony were ceasing production,
and mine was the last in the uk,but I think they are still on sale
elsewhere,was I spun BS?
Iwould certainly like another,even as an ornament!
I in fact asked whether I could keep the player after it was
certfied defunct,they smiled politely at that.
I ended up with a 925 wich I use as a transport,though I think
the 925 sounds better than the 01
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Originally posted by utdeep
They know that they're going to be really expensive when Sonys got us all hooked on them and can jack up prices.
LOL! I had a gumstick battery for a Sony Cassette walkman in 1990. I really think if they were trying to get people hooked on gumsticks so they could jack up the price they would have done so already!

You're just not interested in listening to reason, I guess... you'd save money by keeping the gumsticks, but you're still anxious to sell them. Oh well.
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Oh, someone else on this thread commented that they could charge up the gumsticks while away from a wall outlet by hooking up the external battery pack. I agree, that is a very cool feature -- the Panasonic SL-CT570 does the same thing! It's not listed in the manual, but I can charge the included AAA rechargeables by hooking up the external AA battery pack. Leave it on there for a while and the AAAs are recharged. VERY cool.
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Does the recharge ticks actually go up?

I don't find this as very feasible a solution as energy transfer and charge is probably not as efficient as just using the external battery pack in itself. Also my SX-510 is very similar in design to the 570, crappy anti-shock aside. It has the battery pack that goes behind the unit with two conductors right? I don't think battery technology is efficient enough to make it feasible so I was just wondering if it really does do this. We are talking about chemical reactions, and 100% of the external battery pack energy will not be transferred to the internal batteries. The wasted energy is given off as heat. And typically a lot of heat is given off in battery recharging.

BTW you can use ANY AAA NIMH and the panasonic will charge it if you take off some plastic covering which is the only difference with the Panasonic batteries.
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Originally posted by Tim D
Does the recharge ticks actually go up?
Um, yes. I don't know how I would determine if the batteries were charging if the level indicator didn't rise. They don't move up over and over in an animated display like you get with the AC adapter. What happens is the battery indicator is on (for example) level 1 out of 4. Then you put the battery pack on, and it immediately jumps up to some higher level, since it's measuring the charge on the external AA pack. But if you wait a while and then disconnect the battery pack, the level changes to show you the charge level of the internal AAAs again. Now it's higher -- say 2 or 3 out of 4. If you wait long enough, they're on 4 out of 4. Clearly they have been charged up by the external pack.
We are talking about chemical reactions, and 100% of the external battery pack energy will not be transferred to the internal batteries. The wasted energy is given off as heat.
I actually haven't tried it... (charging the AAAs with nearly depleted AAs in the pack.) I have no idea how much of the external battery power will be transferred to the internal batteries in extreme conditions. But I can tell you this -- no noticeable heat is being generated. Converting AC to DC (in the power adapter) is an inefficient process that will release heat -- from the adapter itself.

Anyway, I didn't say this was the BEST way to charge the AAA batteries. I said it could be very useful if you're away from a wall outlet. Hook up the battery pack long enough to charge the internal AAAs, and then you can remove it to get back the better portability of the player without the external pack.
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Ahh well mine behaves similarly, but never accounted it to the external pack actually recharging the internal batteries, but just quirky battery life indicator.

I was personally thinking that if you hook up the external pack, it seems to have a higher total capacity for battery life. While removing the pack lowers its estimate. I actually don't know what it is doing for sure, I just didn't think it was recharging cause it doesn't do the cycle. I usually always charge everything at once so haven't played around with weaker AAA vs fully recharged AA's and seeing it x-fer.

Now AC power only recharges when the unit isn't being played...is it the same way with external battery pack than? I just never stuck on a stronger battery pack to a weaker set of internals and NOT play it to really know.

BTW what is your 570 setup with what batteries...and how much battery life do you get on 10 sec antishock. Just wondering if I should sell my 510 for cheap and go for a 570.
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