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anybody know where i can order these or somebody that will ship to the states for a descent rate? Hell, ill buy off somebody here if they want to sell theirs.
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How do the K450s compare to the Sennheiser 228s or 238 (I know open vs. closed is an issue here) and also to some of the offerings from Audio Technica? I feel like I see really cheap prices on Audio Technica and AKG models compared to the bigger names of Senn, Grado, Ultrasone and the like, and as such, I'm interested in them.
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wow just saw these cans for the first time. Very interesting

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I think something must beterribly wrong with my ears. The K-450 had the most dark and muffled sound I've ever heard. Way worse than Bose's On-Ear. I listened to them for 30 minutes with a D2+ and tried all possible equalizer settings but I just couldn't get ANY enjoyment out of them AT ALL!


Should I worry?

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The comfort of the K81DJ/K518DJ is really one that you have to experience for yourself, so you can tell if you can stand the clamping pressure. I owned them before, but I had to let them go due to my ears hurting after 30 minutes, along with the top of my head. This was already after I stretched out the headband for week between a stack of books. They sounded really good for the price though.

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