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AKG K 450 vs. AKG k 518 dj

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I am looking for a portable headphone for MP3...
I have see the AKG k 450 and AKG K 518 DJ...and AKG 181 DJ

Wich one do you recommend me? or any other?

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I am interested also which is better: K 450 or K 518 DJ?
they should be both better then the K 414...
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For what it's worth, here's a review:AKG K 450 Review - It’s sound is legendary « Viktor Basso

K181 is large and many agree it is not really portable.


Sennheiser has new portables like the HD228 and HD238 Precision.
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I had the K414P's, which are the predecessors of the K430P (step down from the K450)...and despite being extremely uncomfortable, they sounded awesome. The K450P looks a hell of a lot more comfortable. If you want portable headphones that aren't earbuds...than I would definitely get these.
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The K450 have just been released in North America I believe so more reviews should be appearing soon. The prices I have seen are quite expensive so I hope they are worth it.
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I have bought a K450,the sound is so disappointed!
compared with ER4P,high,mid and bass are all worse then ER4
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Isn't the ER4P an in-ear unit? The AKG K-450 is semi-sealed and over the ears. I wouldn't expect it to have as deep of bass response (or as great of isolation). The pair I bought seems to roll off below 40-50 hz and provide only some masking of outside noise. On the other hand, they are still pretty lightweight and I find them quite a bit more comfortable. They really are not bad at all if you like that trade off.
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If you think K414 was uncomfy, the K518 would be a huge mistake.
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I really like my K518LE. No comfort problems, but my head is a bit slender. The cord is nice too because it isn't so long as the DJ, and I have read from another post it will be available in the US before too long (not certain though, haven't seen it from AKG).
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I had a look at the "... It's sound is legendary..." review linked to above. He is right about K450's sensitivity. It mocks the volume limiter that Apple puts on the iPods they sell in Europe

Here is a press release about the units AKG will be selling in the U.S. I bought my K450's from here. 62 euros is around $80 at the moment.
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Has anyone seen the K450s in the US? There doesn't seem to be anything available online.
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Look, K 450 is based on the same drivers as infamous K 26 p and k414 p(and also k 24 p and k 412 p), even though k 450 is refined, more comfortable and luxurious version of them. It's widely regarded that k81\k518 is much better pair of cans than k26\k414. In my opinion, even if k518 technically better, the k26p\k414p is considerably better portable cans due to extremely high sensevity and good driving sound. Also, the k518 are very uncomfortable.
So, if you can take the k 450 for a good price, or at least for k518 price, i say go for it.
Also, if you don't need isolation, go with k 420 or whatever blue open model is called. It sound really good as a successor of great k 24p\k512p.
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[QUOTE=QQQ;5558197]Look, K 450 is based on the same drivers as infamous K 26 p and k414 p, QUOTE]

May I know where do you get that information?
I have been eyeing on K450 for over a month and seen many praises of K450 too. Some ppl even claim K450 is much better than ES7. I used to own ES7 and K81dj and found ES7 to be the better headphones.
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May I know where do you get that information?
No. It's just how it is. But fear not, k24\26 had a very good drivers.
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well i was able to compare akg k450, akg k414 and px200 at the same time. I would say that k450 beat the other two on every respect (isolation, comfort (ok the senns were probably more comfortable), soundstage and overall sound) but i am not sure that it is worth the extra money. it does give you the feeling of a good sturdy headphone though, what with the one sided, removable cable and the nice headband.

ah, and i forgot to mention that the akg k540 are a bit bulkier that the k414, but still very portable and smaller than the 518dj.
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