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Thanks much for the updates Dan, it's going to be a phenomenal amplifier. If I had the cash, I'd have been in on the run myself.

It's very nice to see an EC that makes an aesthetic reference back to Craig's Moth era .
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looks like this run is sold out. have to wait for the next.
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Nod I think the next run will look different and be marketed as the Aficionado. There will eventually be a matching pair of monoblocks as well.

I'm not sure if he'll offer 307A unless specifically requested just because it is becoming very difficult to locate the tube. He says the two options he plans on offering are 300B/AD1.
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Here's another picture with the top plate the right orientation in better lighting. He says he forgot to have Balancing Act etched on it so he'll need to get that done. He says parts go in tomorrow and then he'll have a shot of it.

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that's better
I'll be making a couple of trips to LA over the next month so hopefully I'll get to listen soon...or maybe even pick mine up while I'm down there
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Will these be able to be used as a preamp as well?
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Yeah. It just won't match the look as well. But yeah you can do pre amp from them too.
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Dan, Thanks for the info and chassis pictures. Chassis looks very good, much like his old Moth amps.

Do you have any idea regarding the shipping date?

Craig mentioned that BA is very complicated to manufacture and some of the parts are costing more than expected. So he may scale down the design from next run onwards.
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I contacted Craig and he said that he had a spot available because someone had asked for their deposit back. So I have reserved that spot!!! I am very excited but a little worried since this is a pretty expensive purchase for me. I have an Extreme right now but have wanted to go balanced and this seems like a perfect opportunity. I'll have to cross my fingers and hope that it is all that I hope for! I went with the 307a because that is what Craig was recommending. Anyone think I am being crazy!?

Now I just have to get some balanced cables for my HD650s (and eventually balanced cables for my HD800) and a balanced source. Sigh... this is an expensive year.
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No most people went with that. It is an awesome sounding tube. The TTVj Millet 307A which is also a very great sounding amp uses it as well.

The only issue is that the supply is dwindling and it is not being produced by anyone anymore. As long as you stock up though you will be fine. Worst case you can always get it converted to use one of the other tube types.

Re: Varma

I do not have a ship date but I estimate between 3-6 weeks. If all goes well then 3 weeks is possible in the best case scenario. If he decides two tweak a little bit then of course time will change proportionally.

Personally sooner the better, but as long as its before CanJam09 then I am satisfied. I think it depends largely on whether or not he makes some cosmetic changes and if he is satisfied with the sound of the completed product.

Last I heard he is not going to strip and reanodize the top plates with a different font, but he does need to have Balancing Act etched onto it... I don't know how long this takes but I am guessing this can be done while some of it is being assembled and should not take that long. If that's the case then the only real wild card is if he is satisfied with the final sound...

Craig is a perfectionist so all bets are off if even the slightest thing is off with the sound. I think I am at the most risk for tweaking since I am going with an unknown tube the AD1. The 307A he has heard extensively so unless somehow his vastly improved and now tube rectified with dual regulation power supply sounds worse than his solid state bench power supply (Very unlikely) then I think 307A duders are safe. The 300B guys are safe as well as that is also a tube he is well familiar with

Of course this is all conjecture and who knows... fingers crossed though
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I wonder how this will compare to the Millett 307a.

I may have to get this instead if it is comparable due to it being around $2,000 cheaper, the general synergy with Senns, and the preamp function.
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I like it better personally. The Millet is a more dead neutral amp similar to say a HP-2. (I've only heard it once and during a meet, but that was my impression). The Balancing Act prototype had a more interesting and fun presentation while not losing out in things like soundstage, details, texture and resolution. Do not mistake me though, I'm not saying the Balancing Act is not accurate and merely a "fun-sounding" amp.. it isn't that far off in neutrality, but it certainly slants a little off that.

When I heard the 307A I compared it to the Nautilus (Which I believe can be accurately described as the prototype for the ZDT) the Nautilus differed in the same way, but more so. i commented it to Craig and he absolutely agreed. He said the Millet 307A was amazing neutral, but the Nautilus had a very intriguing immediacy and organic sound. Anyway.. the Balancing Act prototype was somewhere in between the Millet 307A and the Nautilus if that makes any sense.

Craig has made two major innovations since I have heard it. One is the vastly superior dual regulated tube rectified power supply. The other is the way he heats up the tubes. The latter innovation supposedly has an audible difference as heard by homie foo_me and the former should as well.
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Originally Posted by Icarium View Post
Here's another picture with the top plate the right orientation in better lighting. He says he forgot to have Balancing Act etched on it so he'll need to get that done. He says parts go in tomorrow and then he'll have a shot of it.

Sure looks nice!
I am sure the Balancing Act will both look and sound top notch...
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I appreciate the impressions Icarium. Just as long as it's in the same ballpark as the 307a, because I can get it and the DAC you were talking about in the other thread for about the same price as one Millett. I'm looking for 'endgame' solutions here, so if it's more of a 'different flavor' thing as opposed to being a downgrade, then I'm in, especially with the preamp function and the synergy the Zana had with Senns, which I'm assuming will carry over.
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craig told me next run would be around may.
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