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There's also this:




Don't read the rest of the thread, it will give you a headache.


If you want to stay updated Changstar is the way to go, this is a semi-interactive build so those in on the buy can give their input to an extent on features/parts.  Just not worth the confusion of parallel threads on various sites.

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Did anyone order with the P&G pot option? Curious to see how the pot looks like... .or even a part number is just fine.
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Has anyone run into this? The screws that hold the 300b tube sockets sit a little higher than the top of the ECBA case. I recently purchased a pair of Royal Princess tubes that do not seat well because the base of the tube hits the screws. I was isolating a noise and tried switching the 300b's but only 1 channel would work. The other wasn't making a good enough contact but worked fine when I reversed them again.

If I tighten the screws further, they would probably dimple the top of the case and possibly allow for a better seat. I am a little nervous about overtightening the screws and stripping them.

Other solutions I have considered are finding screws with smaller heads (probably difficult) or finding an adapter with a smaller diameter base that would fit between the screw heads.

Has anyone dealt with this and found a good solution?

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Those princess tubes must have a really wide base because my px4 probably have about 4mm between its base and the edge of the screw.
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I believe the earlier versions of the BA have tube sockets that sit flush with the top panel of the amp. The newer production versions of the amp have sockets which protrude through the top panel. I'm assuming this change was made for the exact reason you're describing. Maybe Craig (or someone else DIY handy) could swap out the tube sockets for you.


You can see the white part of the tube socket protruding above the top panel here:



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I'm working myself up to order a ECBA real soon.  Does anyone have suggestions as to the configuration (options) that would sound good with classical / jazz / vocal ?


Many thanks,




OK then . . .  !   darthsmile.gif

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Anyone have a chance to compare the 2A3 to the BA?
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There is any gain issue for BA+lcd3 if my balanced source have 2V output?

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Sorry I can't answer with comparable experience but my PWD Mk2 outputs 2.8v and provides plenty of headroom to my LCD2's. The amp is stunning.

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Originally Posted by shun0321 View Post

There is any gain issue for BA+lcd3 if my balanced source have 2V output?


Shouldn't be a problem. The Audeze's are fairly efficient, and your source being balanced differential output = x2 the voltage.

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It has enough gain, its just a bit soft around the edges compared to some other amps out there with the Audeze.  Doesn't slam like Dawkins.

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Chocolate Thunder. Good ol' days.



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Has anyone tried an ECC40 (with adapter) in the ECBA in place of the 6SN7 ?

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Does anyone notice that the BA has the new version?


It seems Craig has changed the transformers, it provides better bandwidth now.(new:-1dB 11Hz, and 40kHz ; old: -1dB 15Hz, and 35kHz.)


HAS anyone already heard the new one?

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