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Sold my beloved Audio-Techinca ATH-L3000 to Tim. Prompt communication and payment, quick and easy transaction. Would gladly do business with again.

Thanks Tim and enjoy the new great cans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I also sold Tim a set of L3000, these balanced with APS V2 cable. Very good communication, prompt payment and an all round great guy. Highly recommended.

Dealing with UPS on this shipment on the other hand was not a pleasant experience. The fee was around $380 for second day guaranteed. Once the phones got to the US there was however a problem. When I booked the shipment on the UPS site I got told that I had to do a commercial invoice for the phones due to the high value and the site helped me prepare this and then told me to put 3 signed copies in the address pouch. What I was not told was that prior to pickup I also had to fax a copy to UPS and this was the reason for the halt up which resulted in the delivery taking another day. When I called UPS to claim the money-back since they did not live up to the guarantee they said they could not do that as I had not done the paperwork properly, but how could I when they don't tell me that I have to. The reply: "Not our problem, you need to know this yourself when sending something". And then when they are being delivered to Tim he is charged another $200 in "brokerage fees" on top of the $380 that has already been paid. We have no idea what that is but does seem outrageous.
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I purchased Tim's ESW9s from him after another buyer backed out. Tim replied to my PM and told me I was I was second in the que. After the first buyer backed out, Tim PM'ed me again and made sure I still wanted them. I sent him the money that afternoon.

Very fast insured shipping with my preferred carrier. The condition of the cans and packaging was better than described. I can't see the scratch he said was on the cup. Very happy with the condition of the headphones and would definitely buy from Tim again!

Thanks again!

- Brian
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Purchased D7000 from Lamenthe. Already recieve the package. Quick and easy transaction. Nice man.
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Have purchased the RSA PREDATOR from Lamenthe ,Wonderful guy, nice communication ,Amp sent with carefully handling and packaging. Thanks!!
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Great communication, excellent service, fast shipping and good packaging.
An honest seller who I would definitely highly recommend.
Absolute pleasure doing business with him.
Thanks Tim,
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Purchased the K701 from Lamenthe, and he was extremely helpful through the whole transaction (first major purchase at Head-fi) and set a fair price on it as well. Shipped very fast over here to Canada. Product in impeccable shape and burned in well. Recommended 100%!
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