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did anybody ever test Lisa III with Westone UM3X IEM's? Only info I could get is that if UM3X are sensitive Lisa tends to make them hiss. Does anybody know how well this two pair?


Thank you

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Lisa has a gain of 5, She shouldn't hiss!

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I've been using my Lisa III with UE-11's for over two years now, never heard any hiss.  The IEM's are very sensitive, you can only use the very first part of the volume knob and must be very, very careful in adjusting the level, but the sound is BY FAR the best I have ever heard.  I keep trying to find something smaller, more IEM friendly and convenient, but nothing has worked.  Lisa is still the king of the hill!

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Will the lisa III XP work well with my akg 271 MKII's?? For a while now I've been trying to decide which portable amp I should get for them and I've come to the conclusion that the only amp that I should get that would work with my cans would the Lisa III XP. Does anyone agree? and of you disagree can you explain why

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The Standard works fine too.  I didn't want to go so much bigger with the XP and it drives anything really.  I got it originally for HD650s which aren't easy to drive and it does great with them.

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Lisa is sexy and sounds great!

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I want to find a second-hand Lisa III really badly.......

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I found the hiss on my JH13's driven by the Lisa III a little to audible.  I went for the Pico Slim for that reason.


If the Lisa 3 were available soon I might let the Lisa III Std go for a fair price though.





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Another happy Lisa III owner :-) I find it to perform especially good with DT770/600 and SR325is. Pics to come soon...

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Yeah, I think I may not have the patience to wait for a fairly priced Lisa III to come up second hand, and may instead just get in on the new L3 as soon as it's released. It sounds like it's gonna be awesome.


librarian-- When did you get your Lisa III? Pics would be great. How does it compare to any other amps you might have?

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@librarian - that is great. I sold my Lisa III because I did not think it could drive the T1 that well. But maybe that is just a matter of synergy and the Dt-770-600 runs better on the Lisa than the T1.
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@cn11: I bought my Lisa III Standard a few months ago from a fellow head-fi member. It's number 001 from the very first batch, I guess. Compared to other amps...well. Directly compared to iQube V1 I find that Lisa has better soundstage, more warmth in the sound + the opportunity to use the bass boost if needed. iQube is more neutral. With the iQube V1 I thought I could drive my big 600 ohm cans good. That means good enough considered portable. I guess the iQube performs allright. But the Lisa III SHINES. It has lots of power to drive dt770 in 600 ohms version. The sound is full. I find dt770/600 to be a bright headphone and Lisa III is the perfect partner for that. I can say the same thing about SR325is. On the other hand I prefer the iQube for my ESW9. So it's all about synergy in the end. For me it is. 


Compared to Woo Audio WA2 I think Lisa III performs very well. But it is a portable amp and I much prefer the WA2 with most of my headphones. I think they are too different to compare. But I do think maybe I prefer dt770/600 and SR325is with Lisa! Still for me there is no doubt when it comes to Senn HD650 - that's WOO business!


@rasmushorn: Unfortunately I never listened to T1. We must catch up on Lisa III-T1 combination!!!


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I just received an email from Brad that the new LISA is on the horizon, so stay tuned, she went on a diet, wearing some new clothes but still sounds like a full bodied opera singer!

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Thanks so much for those thoughts on the Lisa. It sounds amazing. I'm still in the decision making process-- weighing whether to up a second-hand Lisa III, wait for the soon to come L3, or possibly an AMB M3 second-hand too (not a kit because I'm so not the DIY-er!).

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I currently have a harness that makes the Lisa really better portable.  It is an ALO rca->either mini plug or dock plug made of Jumbo Cryo copper. I paid somewhere around $325. for it and it is in perfect condition.  I don't use an ipod anymore and it has been sitting in my drawer for 9 months so i will list it on the sales forum soon.  Thought i would post it here with the lisa people though first.  i will add a pict later.  Makes it so you can just slide the lisa with an ipod in the back pocket of your jeans or in a coat, i miss the convenience but now have an 801 and it doesn't fit.  If anyone is interested you can pm me.  


Here is one link:


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