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LCD TV Wall Mount Advice.

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I just purchased a LN52A650 after many, many months of stalking Amazon.com and following the daily fluctuations in price.

I am looking for a suitable wall mount.

I was wondering if someone could recommend a few options (Particularly by same TV owners). My wall should support it pretty well as it is new construction and that particular wall was designed with tv wall mounting in mind.

Preliminary googling turns up the Monoprice 3900 and 3924/3925.

Non swivel and swivel/extender options.

Pros and Cons of both?

The swivels seem more expensive I've read they require more installation effort?

Most important to me is the ability to support the TV's weight. Everything else is secondary, but I could see extension/swiveling being useful to make the thing viewable from all angles of the room...
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You need to determine if where you want to mount the TV has wall studs spaced appropriately. Some walls will have spacing which may be less or more than the standard 16" on center.

Articulating wall mounts are more expensive and require some additional installation work due to the fact the arm has to be able to move the TV around AND support the weight along with maintaining the wiring.

Ranking up there with your requirement that the mount be able to support your TV's weight is the often overlooked issue of power and cable routing. If you do not have an outlet installed where you want to the mount to be, you need to factor this in. Otherwise, you'll have your power cord and your video cables hanging from your TV on top of the wall. It is NOT acceptible to just route the power cord behind the wall. It is against code as power cords are not rated to be in wall. You can run typically run low voltage cabling like speaker wire and video cables behind the wall without any problems. Although some local governments are being a pain about this and are requiring permits to be pulled for even this type of cabling.
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I ended up just getting the Monoprice 3900. I didn't feel the usefulness of the articulating mount in my space made sense for the premium/hassle.

I am replacing the lugs with better ones and reviews seem to say that it is fine esp with my tv's weight.

Yeah the wall I'm mounting on it was essentially designed to be the tv wall so it has an outlet conveniently right there.
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if you ever change your mind, the articulating is great becasue it allows you to make alot of changes without dismounting your tv.
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