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Well i know this is an old thread, I must say i tried them out from a cousin, I liked the quality very much, plus its really comfortable(unless u have a big jaw beside the ears portion). Noise Cancelling works pretty well (though it needs a pair of AAA batteries), I couldn't even hear my cousin shouting at me when he was right beside me. And as everyone said, there was a lot of bass, but its not bloated or anything, its actually quite good, I could fall asleep with them on.
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I really think they are nice headphones.. I currently have a pair of SR225's and SR80's so listening to something bass heavy like that was a pleasent thing, I didnt think the mid's or high's were crappy like most people said it was pretty well balanced IMO. and most people seem to overlook the other stuff you get with the headphones like the carrying case and that it is collapsable really appeals to me. they were also exceptionally comfortable.. one thing I didnt like so much was the cable whiched look soo thin and flimsy.. maybe im spoiled from these thick Grado cables but its been my experience that crappy cables like that ALWAYS come apart at the input jack after 1 year of good, non abusive use. but if its your bag I would say by all means get them
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They are somewhat Bass Heavy. Its not Bass heavy like most other bassy headphones though. It seems bassy because the bass sounds feel like they are everywhere. Its like the whole sound spectrum has bass in it. The intensity of the bass isn't nearly as much as a factor in their bassyness.

It was quite surprising when I heard it in the Apple Store with a song I knew well.
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Originally Posted by l1lJ View Post
Beats by Dr. Dre worth it?
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i've seen some with ~$230 buy it now's on ebay. maybe if MS Live 25 or 30% cashback came back, they would be a decent deal.
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I actually walked into an electronics store the other day in hopes that they might carry some good headphone brands that I could sample (AKG, Senn, Audio-Technica, Grado, ect.) but when I inquired, the sales rep led me to a table with Bose and Dr. Dre headphones. Took me a little while to convince him that there was no way I was buying either

Anyways, I haven't actually listened to them, but from what I've read and heard, the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones are similar to Bose in the sense that they are over-advertised, have a well known name (but not necessarily reputable for headphones) and therefore, people automatically think they're really good. Don't be fooled. You could get headphones that are much much better for a fraction of the price.

As far as sound goes, I hear that they are extremely muddy in general, especially in the lower frequencies. If you aren't serious about getting really high quality headphones, save your money and get something cheaper. If you are serious, I guarantee you can still find something cheaper that will suit your tastes and blow away the Dre headphones, but higher quality cans will likely require an amp (and hence some more cash). The headphones I bought recently (AKG K601's) are $100 cheaper than the Dre's and I guarantee the SQ and freq response are leaps and bounds above the Dre's, but they probably aren't the kind of headphone you're looking for, but that's just one example.
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I've listened to them at my local BestBuy store, but I can't really give them a fair comparison, because I don't listen to that 50 Cent business. With the "In Da Club" song, I found the bass was pretty muddy, and no where near the quality of my Denon AH-D2000's, but again, I'd have to A/B them with the same setup and tracks to compare them fairly.
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I'm a Gradohead, so my first instinct was to bash these closed cans, especially when their marketing has less to do with sound quality than with a celebrity endorsement from the likes of Dr. Dre.

But fair is fair, and after listening to these, I'm not inclined to bash them just to bash them. I'm no expert in the field, but I'm secure enough to not have to thumb my nose at every passing train.

These headphones don't have the clarity of Grados, primarily because they're closed cans. They're also bass heavy - with big, boomy, midbass. But they're also fun and I consider them to not only imitate the Bose stuff but to outdo them (big hurdle there). Where Bose's on-ear headphones go muddy (because their cushions are designed to pull double-duty as ear plugs), the Dr. Dre's can be adjusted to "open them up," expanding the soundstage and letting in a lot more high-frequency detail. Would I use these to listen to classical? Jazz? Choral music? No. But if I wanted to rock out, I could do a lot worse. These are attractive, fun, cans. They won't replace my Grados but for their crowd, they perform as expected. They provide head-pounding bass that should be lots of fun when listening to rock or rap. They're not going to provide the level of detail you'd found in Grados, Sennheisers or AKGs, but I'd wear them over the Bose crap. For a lot of people (whom I don't care to insult), they'll be just fine.

Plus, they also have them in candy-apple red. Who could ever say no to that?
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Originally Posted by darthdiddy View Post
I don't understand all the hate for these headphones in this thread. 1/3 of the post in here are along the lines of "stay away from monster" or "any thing with Dr. Dre's name on it has to be bad". If you are commenting on something that you have only auditioned for a few moments in a uncontrolled environment or even worse you have not listened to them at all, then you sir are a troll.
cooler heads prevail . . . (at least I hope so)

Originally Posted by raif View Post
Have you folks ever listened to a Dr. Dre album on a nice pair of headphones?

He subscribes to the "EXTREME V-CURVE = TEH BEST SOUNDZ" philosophy, with lows buzzing with distortion and the highs sounding like someone doing their worst "TSSSSssss" snake impression directly in your ear canal. This is due to him realizing his music would be played mostly on paper cone stock car stereo speakers and trying to compensate.
by far the most ridiculously uninformed post of the thread.

Do you subscribed to your own BS? That's a lot to swallow . . . really
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I think Dr Dre provide a decent outlook for it, was considering to get one to replace my bose comfort 3,but end up with Grado RS1i with no regret!!
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Bass, bass, and muddy bass!
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It's hard to tell... the only time I've heard them was at Best Buy, where the demo station was playing these headphones at such an EARDRUM SHATTERING LOUD LEVEL, that there was no possible way to tell if they sounded good or not.
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Originally Posted by roker View Post
by far the most ridiculously uninformed post of the thread.

Do you subscribed to your own BS? That's a lot to swallow . . . really
He uses a lot of compression and eq to get the sound he wants. Do a search and you will see that he is actually praised by many for his technique and mastering direction to make everything sound louder and fuller, which usually means dynamic range compression and make-up gain. This will result in clipping and distortion.

Here is at least one article talking about maximizing loudness citing dre as an example and using a track from Chronic 2001 to demonstrate. It looks like the good doctor himself subscribed to this b.s.

Oh, and here is Dre himself talking to Scratch magazine about his love of eq.

"We really take a lot of time on getting the right drum sounds. We EQ the drums before we sample them into the MPC, and then once we come up with the track, we spend a lot of time EQing the drums before we record them into Pro Tools. We take quite a bit of time to get that right, because I know it's one of the things that people like about my music. I've used the same drum sounds on a couple of different songs on one album before but you'd never be able to tell the difference because of the EQ. "
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I have a pair. I mainly listen to rap/hip-hop but I also listen to metal, classic rock, accoustic and blues. They sound amazing in every genre. Yea the bass is loud no matter what your playing but the sound is amazing. I hear things that I never heard before such as lil wayne exhaling before every no ceilings song and the triple foot pedal in serj tankians empty walls. They are alot but you get what you pay for.

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1. this is an old thread

2. Fake headphones

3. You're obviously from the company. this is spam, no?

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