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i can vouch for the denon D1001 headphones. i just listened to them the other day, and the bass was quite nice. almost excessive, but not quite.

i am not a bass head, but doesnt mean i dont like good bass either. i think for most mainstream music, bass is the backbone of a song. for me, there has to be sufficient bass in my headphones.

they are closed headphones, and the seal was very good. they reminded me of my sony V6s, only more bass.

if i was a bass head i would probably get those.
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they are very forgiving headphones, a mediocre encrypted song would sound good.
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Originally Posted by lmilhan View Post
In the price range of the "Beats", there are several headphones that are better (better being a very subjective word in this hobby). I am probably one of the last people who should recommend headphones for that genre of music, since I don't care for that genre in even the slightest bit, so I will let other Head-Fiers who do like that type of music chime in with their recommendations. But If I were a betting man, I would wager that the Denon D1001s or Denon D2000s would knock your socks off (among several other headphones that are within (or below) the price range of the Beats - BeyerDynamic DT770s, Ultrasones, and other such Bass heavy phones).

Other important factors that will help us recommend a pair of phones for you:

What is your source and or amp? (iPOD, CD player, Computer, Receiver headphone jack, etc).

Are you looking only for closed headphones, or will open headphones work for you as well?

If you are using an MP3 player, what bitrate are your MP3s ripped at?

How important is comfort?

Is portability a concern? - Do you want small portable(ish) phones only, or are full sized phones ok?

My source is an iPod Classic 160 GB.
It doesn't matter if it's closed or open.
My MP3s are ripped at 320kps using EAC & LAME 3.9.
It doesn't matter about comfort, just quality.
No, portability isn't a concern.
Thanks a lot =)
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Originally Posted by Nocturnal310 View Post
do u also want active Noise-cancelling?...they charge lot of money for that feature u know..unless u need it.
Forgot to mention, I need noise-canceling because I want to hear just the music and nothing else. It doesn't matter if the noise-canceling is active or passive.
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No way I would go for the Monsters - but I'm pretty biased against the over-priced, over-hyped Monster business model. Anything with their name on it generally makes me suspicious.
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Originally Posted by l1lJ View Post
Forgot to mention, I need noise-canceling because I want to hear just the music and nothing else. It doesn't matter if the noise-canceling is active or passive.
There are plenty of alternative closed headphones that have been suggested by others here in these forums. The biggest problem with the Beats is that they simply cost too much money for the sound quality that they reproduce: They sound no better than $100 conventional closed headphones - but they actually cost a whopping $350. That is a rather poor value, in my book.
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I got to try them on last night at Best Buy and they were really comfortable. You could barely tell you had them on and they blocked out most noise without any music. When I pushed the button to listen to music, however, I was instantly disappointed. I was expecting something amazing based on the price tag at the display, but they didn't sound much better than my HD202's.
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Originally Posted by beez View Post
fair enough, my bad. from your first post i kinda just got the impression you were bashing the phones and dre without much thought. your reply just now was pretty helpful and informative, especially since i admittedly haven't tried them extensively, just for a few minutes here and there in best buy.
It's all good.

To the original poster, reducing outside noise is going to be tough unless
a) you are willing to go the iem route.
b) you are willing to make compromises in sound quality.
c) you are willing to listen to music at extremely loud volumes.

I personally chose option B and tend to use a pair of Bose(gasp!) QC II when on the go. IEMs are dangerous for outside use(you can't hear anything, i.e. cars) and most other isolating phones(beyer 770, sennheiser 280) only block a minimal amount, which usually results in bumping the volume to drown out the rest of the noise.
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The Beats are actually very good. Sadly Head-Fiers are extremely biassed and and mostly gave them a very brief audition (or more likely than not, they just bash the hell out of the Beats without ever trying them, or base their judgement from the HORRIBLE Beats listening station at Best Buy which is in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM a credible assessment of these headphones). One of the Moderators on Head-Fi actually worked on the making of the Beats. This could very well be the reason that they are by far the BEST active noise canceling headphones on the market. They are actually on par with the active NR Senns (which by the way are about $100 MORE than the Beats). BASICALLY, if the Beats did not have Dr. Dre or Monster associated, and instead badged as Senns, they would be very very popular headphones on Head-Fi. So to the original poster, the Beats are quite good for every day use. Perfectly comfortable, excellent sound quality, almost no active NR noise, and they look great to boot.

They've also been reviewed by myself along with a small number of others (including Jude, I think he's the main Head-Fi moderator, and possibly a founder of Head-Fi). Sadly most of that thread was just blind bashing by extremely biassed Head-Fiers. To tell you the truth, a lot of Head-Fiers views are pretty skewed, in a bad way.
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One of Mods here worked with Beats hedphones? source? proofs?

I remember Jude's review and the conclusion was it was not bad as noise cancelling headphones within the price range.
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Look it up. I believe Jude was actually the one that was working with Monster I believe that was also the reason he received one before they were officially released to the public. I'm a bit lazy to dig up the thread from the grave but feel free to do so. There was just an insane amount of BS bashing in that thread so the actual useful information was all buried under the BS. It was in that thread that the SQ of the Beats were mentioned to be as good as the active NR Senns. Nobody bashed the Senns but they sure bashed the heck out of the Beats. Like I said, rebadge the Beats as Denons, AT, Senns, Ultrasones, whatever, and they will soon become VERY popular.
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Lucky for you kids, here's the link that I am now going to resurrect:


"gautam, I've had a pre-production unit here for a while, and was helping Monster Cable evaluate The Beats by providing my opinions of it (for whatever that was worth to them)" is the direct quote from Judes post.

I doubt that anybody really noticed that Jude mentioned it but this is obviously a clear early on indication before the Beats were ever released and while still in the workshop stages, that Monster was actually quite serious with this product. They were definitely not out to make another uber expensive A/V cable. With the Beats they clearly wanted to make a solid claim on the audiophile market. I would have to say that they made a very good product that was only slightly overpriced. $250 would be the perfect price for the Beats but they are just a tad overpriced at $300. None the less, the accessories package that it comes with makes up for it being $300 BUT the accessories are only truly utilized to it's fullest extent if you have an iPhone since one of the accessories is the iSonictalk headphone mic chord.

I foresee more Monster, Dr. Dre, and Beat bashing awaits. LoL. Unless Head-Fiers have become more reasonable and logical people since the few months that I've been away from these boards. I did notice that folks are not toting balanced armatures as being the best thing since sliced bread anymore and are now FINALLY admitting that dynamics sound really really good and can often sound better than BAs because of the difference in design.
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Originally Posted by dookiex View Post
I foresee more Monster, Dr. Dre, and Beat bashing awaits. LoL. Unless Head-Fiers have become more reasonable and logical people since the few months that I've been away from these boards.
I am assuming that is exactly what you are hoping for considering the fact that you accused everyone who doesn't like Dre's sonic preferences to be biased, illogical and/or unreasonable.


Since I own both a pair of Bose QC II and Denons I am probably in a good position to abuse Best Buys liberal return policy in order to properly audition a pair of Beats, since they apparently setup their auditioning station to deliberately misinform the listener of their true performance capabilities.
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I would stay away from the beats. The price tag is way too steep for what you are getting. What you are paying for is the Monster name and the Dr. Dre name. In my opinion Monster is overpriced in everything that they sell, so I am assuming this is no exception.

Also, I have heard them at Best Buy and was by no means impressed by anything other than the comfort, but you said that comfort is a non-factor, so don't bother with those.

For bass heavy sound, try a Denon or Ultrasone. They will deliver much better sound at a lower or equal price.
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As I predicted, folks are coming on and bashing the Beats with bias. Joy. It's already been done in the original thread. I've said what I have to say. Personally, I'm a Ultrasone fan, I have a set of 650s and 750s so in no way I am biassed to the Beats. I just like being honest. Unlike folks here who are more brand loyal than anything else. Bose is utter crap, my Sony EX700s are miles better than any pair of QCs from Bose. You're NOT in a position to judge the Beats raif since you really haven't given them the time of day BUT you should definitely pick a set up and test them at home, keep them in pristine condition, and if in the end you don't like them, return the bloody things.
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