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Sounds like you've had some fun times as well. I'd hoped to run into some Danes in Iraq but no dice. I think I recall a Norwegian flag once or twice while gunning for our convoys. Gotta love any licensing/certification the military will give you. Too bad I never got speedboat training haha. Oh, and old radios, yeah, gotta love em. PRC-119's in a backpack are finally being replaced with some smaller tech... but the range is reduced so its mission dependent. However, it's probably lighter than carrying a SAW with a 200round drum on the weapon, and 400-600rounds strapped around your flak and in your pack. That was my pleasure for most of a year.
They packed up quick after entering iraq and went back to Afgan. 24 Killed so far as we almost only have units in Hellman. We are not kidding when we finally go to war - its really well trained, well equiped guys which have the right hearts and minds to help the locals too with CIMIC etc. Basicly what the US troop moments to afgan is going to do is like this: replace and support/massivly expan the areas where the danes and other units are in Hellman and move out in all directions rather than staying around the cities which they have been forced to now. Every offence simple made downtime in the other end before where the enemies could rebuild.