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I have and why don't YOU see the LIght for a Change

Originally Posted by WindowsX View Post
Why don't you guys just try it, seriously? Keep debating endless and no conclusion from experiments seems to be pointless. At least someone should try and say it out. I'm not good in English so I couldn't explain well for technical terms but headphone uses 4 conductors by default (Even you see its end as 3 but from driver's view, its 4 and it works with balanced)

Again, headphone uses 4 conductors for balanced system but 3 channel jack lures you out from truth that each driver has 2 channel and 2 drivers make it 4

I have tried the setup that you mentioned above, however again u still don't wake up a smell the roses or coffee. You CAN'T use an adapter for a single-ended headphone to a balanced amp because of the fact that you will be shorting out the output stage of the amp by bridging the two (-) channels (-L/R). Using a balanced headphone with a single ended headphone amplfier is possible using an adapter however not vice versa. Do You Understand. If Not then U R truly a Dense person with No Real Knowledge. Reading This Post has Shown Your Lack of Knowledge or Experience.
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Please try and read what u post before posting.

Originally Posted by WindowsX View Post
There're tons of ppl who can afford balanced amps but scare to modify their glorious headphones such as R10, L3000, Ed8, DX1k, etc. So I made this thread encouraging that you can still get balanced benefit without re-terminating your headphone cables (and it worths your balanced source upgrade).

I have extensive engineering experience. More importantly I have a great sense of what is and isn't. re-terminating your headphone cables to fit a balanced setup is a must because of the fact the nature and circuit design of many headphone amplifiers today. Even Little Dot states that if you try to use a balanced XLR to single-end "stereo" phono jack adapter with their Little Dot MKVI amplifier, you will not destroy the amp over time, but also void their warranty. I suggest you study audio electronics circuit before using your rather extensive inexperiences to make a rather destructive post or recommendation to other audiophiles (headphones as well). I have been an audiophile for more than ten years and I have been into headphone for a little more than that and have not heard something this IDIOTIC in a while. If you are going to tell someone that this OK, then please think carefully before saying what you r posting, because you r going to lose in this argument.
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Originally Posted by WindowsX View Post
FYI: Headphone has 4 conductors for cable and 3 connectors for jack (meaning it can use balanced source using adaptor since invert phase is combined right before sending back to its source). It's impossible for headphone to use 3 conductors since left and right driver need 2 each for signal and its invert.

Here's how it looks like for jack and cable using balanced adaptor to balaned system.

Balanced(10cm) ------G<---- Headphone(10ft)

G is just a come back from + phase so it doesn't carry sound for listening.....and it works well, friend
When plugged into a single ended amp, g is just a passive come back from a + phase, BUT WHEN PLUGGED INTO A BALANCED AMP IT IS AN ACTIVE INVERSE SIGNAL COMING FROM THE AMP.
The ground wires are used differently in balanced mode: they are used for active (inverse) signals from the amp to the drivers.
These signals are different for left and right channel and CANNOT BE COMBINED IN ONE CONNECTION!
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