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Thank you for that clarification. I could not hear the difference between Bettman and Pittsburgh. I will retract my comments on the Wings fans.
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At the risk of sounding like Charlie Brown yowling "Wait 'till next year!!"...

I think that it's likely that we'll see the Wings in the finals again next season.

If you stop and consider that arguably their best player - Pavel Datsyuk - missed the first four games (and was doubtless slowed by his injured foot when he returned), that's a major loss of talent for much of the series. Do the Pens get to Game 7 if he's close to 100%? Maybe...or maybe not.

If Datsyuk isn't the Wings' best player, certainly Nik Lidstrom is. Just read THIS little tidbit this AM (now that the injury reports are coming out):

Showed his grit by playing in the Stanley Cup Finals despite testicle surgery during Chicago series.
A status report on the Wings | | The Detroit News

Apparently he was speared in (which is to say DURING) the Chicago series. OUCH!!

"I thought it was OK that Saturday when I practiced," Lidstrom said, "but Sunday, Sunday I was just in too much pain. I had surgery during that game."

Lidstrom said he would need more tests, but more surgery probably would not be needed. He said it was the most painful injury he has had.

It had to be tough to get back out on the ice after that...but we never heard a peep about it.

Now, some will mention Lidstrom's age...that's not concerning to me. A spear in the junk isn't the sort of injury that one expects to suffer more often as one gets older.

Both of these guys are, arguably but fairly, top 10 players in the league. Do things go any differently if they are there at anything close to 100%? Probably so IMHO...but it doesn't matter this year.

Next year, however, we're looking forward to the rubber game of the match.
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I have become accustom to Detroit pulling out a couple of new youngsters that make you wonder how they do it. They are still the team to beat and organization to model.
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