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Hello, semi long-time lurker here.

I've read through most of this thread and tried searching, but was unable to find an answer to a question I had. Way earlier on, Godkin said that there were limited numbers of tubes available for this amp (as I'm sure is the case for all NOS). I'm really interested in getting a 3322, and I'm sure the investment is very worthwhile. However, I'm nervous that I will get it, and 5 years from now, be unable to find tubes for it, and essentially have a worthless amp.

So my question is: NOS aside, will there be any problem procuring tubes for this amp for years to come? Even if they're not superior like the previously mentioned tubes in this thread, could I still get new tubes for it? Are there equivalents that would work still being made, if I can't get the Svetlanas or Ulyanovsk tubes? Like I said, I'm nervous about buying an amp that will one day still be working great, but will have become useless due to a lack of available tubes. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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Welcome FHJay. I wouldn't worry unduly about any tube shortages. They're plenty of NOS tubes out there, though it's a diminishing supply. The Soviet Union made hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of the 6S19P (6C19N) tubes for their military. Then the Chinese have also made millions of these tubes, though they're not as good as the Soviet ones. The 6S19P-V (6C19N-B) are higher quality or ruggedised versions, which last for about 5000hrs. That's a long time: I've been burning a pair for SVETLANA 6S19P-Vs for over a year and they sound perfect.

The same goes for the 6J1s. The higher quality Soviet version was the 6J1P-EV. Plenty of those around. Stocks of the other tubes - the 6AK5s, 6AK5Ws, 5654s, EF95s, M8100s, CV4010s and 403Bs - are uncertain, but they're certainly plenty of them for sale online. A lot of these tubes were designed for military purposes by the US and British governments, so it can be assumed that there's a good supply of them to buy.
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Musical bliss


This is my first post. Thanks to this thread, in particular you, I am enjoying musical bliss with my Darkvoice 3322. I just recently acquired a pair of LM 403B tubes, and find them a definite step above the Raytheon 6AK5Ws.

Without your review and the many other comments about this excellent amp I would not have given it any thought. My experience with Boyier was just as you described it. However, the amp did arrive with a broken 6C19 tube. I don't know how that happened given the outstanding packaging. Oh well, stuff happens.

I am using an Audio Note 3.1x DAC with HD 650s. The synergy is unreal. While recabling of the HD650 is a route that can be taken, one I have not taken, I believe it is important to improve everything that precedes it in the chain. I am experiencing a silky smooth, balanced, dynamic, non-fatiguing music reproduction with stock HD650s.

Best wishes to you and all other music lovers.

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Thanks for the review. I will be purchasing this amp in a week or so.
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This thread is making me get itchy for an upgrade =D I might have to buy this with taisho!
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so what comes close to the 3322 signature or performance?
A+ for looks
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Sound like the Dark Voice amps are having some issues. Hope it works out for you.

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i love my DV amp. nuff said.

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Originally Posted by taisho View Post

i love my DV amp. nuff said.

Nicely put lol, any specifics though?

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Originally Posted by Gubretti View Post

Nicely put lol, any specifics though?

The amp makes all of my music come to life through my HD-600's. Everything is more detailed, clear and you can hear all these little intricacies that I have never heard before. However, I did want some more bass, so I'm not sure if I wanna tube roll or buy a new pair of headphones. The former seems more cost effective. Also, I get some computer noise and it increases in volume as I turn it up on my amp. Hopefully the ground loop isolator will remedy my problem. Lastly, I currently have a little over 20 hours on the amp.

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After almost a year of owning this amp, I must say I'm very much enjoying it. The amount of spatial detail stands out to me. Even if it's just speech from a radio show, I can easily hear reflections in the room for instance.

Another observation, instruments sound noticably more natural than with my DV336. It's on such a level that it's very difficult to tell you're listening to a recording instead of real instruments. Oh, and I forgot what the HD650 veil was about. It just isn't there any more. I suspect because of the improved instrument separation.

This amp was quite a bigger improvement than I had hoped for. Upgrading anything in my setup has become very low priority on my wish list.

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where can i buy darkvoice's products

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Wow this thread has gone dead, I wonder if Godkin is still around. I just read through it from page one but still have some questions left.


The last impressions of Boyier/Darkvoice weren't so good. I emailed Boyier for shipping costs but never got a reply...

Is it still advised to buy a 3322 (from them)? Or has build quality decreased like I read somewhere? (Of course there's the 332s, but it has no pre out...)


This whole thread is about HD650s, I only saw one post talking about Beyer 880s. But as it is a high impedance amp I'm sure it'll be good for DT990~600 as well? Any experience/confirmation anyone? 


How does this amp do with the stock tubes? (I was thinking of trying them first and then replacing them with Mullard M8100 & Svetlana 6s19p-b as i like warm relaxed sound with lots of base. other tips?)


I hope to get a reply from someone, if not I guess it proves the DV brand is as good as dead & that I should save up for a WA3




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I will be purchasing one in the next few weeks, cannot wait. have been eyeballing a 3322 for awhile and then found this review, very nice!

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