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Tubes for the 3322 and 332S are 2x6s19s (triode) and 2x6J1s (pentode). Good news is there are plenty of good western alternatives out there:

Alternatives for 6S19 are: 6S19P or higher quality 6S19P-B.

Alternatives for the 6J1 are: EF95, M8100 (higher quality EF95), CV4010 (military M8100), 6AK5, 6AK5W (higher quality 6AK5), 5654 5654W, 5654SQ, 403A, and 403B.

Good luck on your hunt. Most of these tubes are pretty reasonably priced, though the WESTERN ELECTRIC and ERICSSON 403Bs can be expensive.
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If 332S sounds anything like the 3322 and better than looks like it would be a nice upgrade. My 336i is currently for sale, but will fund LA FIGARO's greatly anticipated 332S. Is anyone else buying one? I doubt I will be able to provide a decent review.
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No buyers yet, Deltaspirit. It's up to you, mate. You were born to review this amp. It's the reason for your existence.
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Ditto Godkin. Let the Darkvoice be with you.
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This thread is sadly devoid of pics. Remember back to when you were looking to buy an amp, all you wanted to see were pics, lots of them. So 3322 owners, get your cameras out and post some pics. Our readers demand it.
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Originally Posted by yuking09 View Post
Now we only produce one 332s,it is 220V ,we will develop the production plans next week.
332s's current order price is similar to 3322.luckyfrog is a responsible dealer,at present we are dealing the matter with luckyfrog .When 332s is in mass production,we will send to our dealer at the first time.
Many thanks to Yuking for the early Christmas presents that arrived this afternoon.

To my suprise, the DHL driver brought two nicely packaged 332 Classic amplifiers.

These look very similar to the old 332 but are far better made and more expensive looking.

Deserving of special credit is the nice Neutrik headphone socket and very much improved Alps RK27 volume control. The CMC RCA sockets on the rear panel are also a nice improvement over the older Darkvoice 332.

The new La Figaro 332 Classic is also fairly cool running (bearing in mind the room temp is currently only 9 degrees C and its snowing outside). I assume the dedicated 240v mains transformer (vs the 220v trans on the older 332) helps keep it running cool when running on EU mains voltage and will hopefully extend its tube life.

Although I don't have either a 332 or 3322 to directly compare the 332 Classic to, from memory I would say that it sounds almost identical to the DV3322.

The single, decent quality volume control is certainly much easier to use and more convenient than the two separate contols of the 3322. I would certainly personally go for this model over the 3322 for this one feature alone.

Thanks to Yuking, I'm a much happier bunny. With the New Year I can begin to put the DV incident behind me by offering the La Figaro amplifers in place of the Darkvoice offerings..

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Congrats on the new amp, Antigeek! Nice! The improvements to the new 332 Classic are good to see, especially the Neutrik socket and Alps pot. Looking forward to your impressions when the amp has fully burned in.
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Whoot - looks like i won't have to resist too long into the new year to empty my paypal account!
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Happy Christmas, guys!!!
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Merry Christmas to you Darkvoice lovers...
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Wishing all of you and your families health and happiness during the Holidays.
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332s seems interesting to me

However, soon i will get my DT880/600. First, DV 336SE is the best-bang for the buck for it's price, but after my crappy eyes get some attention from 332s, maybe i will get this amp
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According to yuking09 they are currently manufacturing the amp, but are not yet ready with the boxes, I was told I would be able to order next month and will update when I do.
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DAC to pair with DV and HD650

Hey guys. Great info on this thread. I recently took the dive and bought some HD-650s. I have been reading the forums and it seems that the Darkvoice amps are a perfect match with the Senns.

Which DAC would be a good pair with the DV amps and HD650? I would be using my iMac (and probably a reference cd player down the road) with FLAC and ALAC files as my source.

I have read about the new V-DAC from MF, the Pico, Zero, Benchmark DAC1, etc... I would like to keep the cost of amp plus DAC to around $1000, but wouldn't balk at going 2-300 overbudget.

I listen to pretty much anything except for country and rap. Favorite bands are Radiohead, Kings of Leon, and Animal Collective. Love soul, funk, and singer/songwriter also.
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Hi, TNARON, welcome along. You're right about the HD650s and the DV amps, they're perfect together - a match made in heaven.

I'm in the process of burning in a new DAC I got as a Christmas present - the XINDAK DAC-5. I don't want to pre-judge anything, but it's a very fine DAC - very organic and natural sounding - even the 192KHz output. With an amp like the 332 or 3322, you want something that is natural in tone, even a bit on the warm side, because those DV amps are very much on the neutral side of the sound spectrum. The MF V-DAC has been characterised as warm so that may be a good choice. Another good candidate would be the VALAB NOS DACs, beautiful sounding and ridiculously cheap.
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