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Would it be fair to say the 3322 would be a 'night and day' upgrade from a 336i? Im looking to step up my dynamic rig, and have been very happy with my 336/hd650 combo so far.
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also, could someone explain the two dials on the face plate.

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Volume L - Volume R (comes in very handy - seems it would be a pain - but it is the opposite IMO)! The rear is copper RCA's with Input set and Output set.
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That's was both fun and informative to read...the pics are equally nice...great job Godkin.

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Godkin, the DV332 was commented as running quite hot. How does the DV3322 fare with heat related issues so far?

Thanks in advance
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The 3322 does not run as hot as the 332. It is better ventilated: the power resistors have their own vents on the top panel and vents run along both sides.
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Thanks Godkin
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Any comparision between the DV3322 and DV337?
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Nice review as always Godkin, i enjoyed your previous review of the 336. I looked into getting one of the 3322's a while back before the electrostatic bug got me. The black version is beautiful. btw its about time we had a Norn Iron headfi meet
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Couldn't agree more, Oublie. Head-Fi members of Norn Iron unite.
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I've recently acquired a 3322, I'm in the process of burning it in. (Un?)fortunately, this is my first headphone amp so cross comparisons between headphone amps are not in my ballpark. I'll post some impressions on them in a week or so after I finish moving.

If there is interest I can do some cross comparisons with some AVR's headphone amp sections. Yamaha RX-V592, RX-V663, RX-V863. The latter two should be the same exact thing for the headphone section, so it will most likely be just the first two.
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Blast8180, congrats on the amp and I hope you enjoy it.

Even if you don't have another dedicated headphone amp to compare to, I'm sure many people would be interested to hear your experience with the amp and how you rate its build quality and sound. Look forward to your impressions
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o man...congrats on the 3322...it looks so good......! Now only if I could get my hands on its lil brother the 332
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Welcome along, Blast8180.
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thanks for the reviem.
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