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lol i went through the same thing. you can just cover up a few holes with tape and it works. or/and put cotton balls for damping in
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Well, i pulled open my 350's again, and i broke the wire on the right can this time. Instead of just breaking where it's soldered onto the small board, I didn't make sure it was clear before I tried to screw the driver enclosure back down.

Picture #1
Breaking the wire at the board was so much easier...

Picture #2
I tried to super glue the wires together where they split at the insulation, but it didn't want to stick. It did like my fingers though...

Picture #3
A nice shot of my haphazardly drilled holes...My dremel is over and hour away at my dad's so i used my dewalt hammerdrill...stop laughing

Picture #4
That's the little piece of egg crate foam i decided to add to try to dampen the cans first.

Either I'm losing my marbles from spending $800 on headphone gear in the last week, or that little piece of foam has brought the mids back. I'm going to have to do a lot more listening to see if it's just me, but i think the presentation is much more forward again. They seems a lot more dynamic now, something that was lacking before the mod. I much happier with the balance now. I just wish they had a decent soundstage. I swear I always feel like I'm sitting in the drummer's lap.
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Heh, funny stuff. I don't know if you should be so hasty with the mod or rather the experience of the change in sound.

I'm still taking in mine, trying to decide if I have too much bass with 11 smallish holes or not. What I have noticed, and what bugs me a bit, is that I think I'm noticing a slight balance change, as if the left side sounds a tiny bit airier, as if it's more open, more "empty". I've tried changing the balance from the source, but I just can't grasp it, maybe I'm losing my marbles too

Perhaps I should try to put more cotton in it, or something. Ah well, I love this mod, time to listen to more music and just enjoy it
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Good idea. I'm just going to enjoy what these phones are becoming as they burn in. I like these things for rock. Very in your face. Way too much bass for trance.

I bought these things to play games and I've only been listening to music for the last week. Time to see how well these things work now for america's army 3. As buggy as that game is so far, they did an awesome job with making the weapons sounds realistic.
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you guys have made me use these again. i pulled them off sale and have been gaming with them lately. am loving the sound again. the soundstage and seperation are awesome in left 4 dead
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Heh, that's great. And these cans really aren't a joke, this mod helps a lot in the areas that these lacked the oompf. This mod ought to be named after you ourfpshero, since you came up with it

PC 350 Heromod? FPSmod? Ourmod? ofhmod? what should we start calling it
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Two questions:

1. How do you all keep the plastic pieces from dropping inside the enclosed driver area?

2. Has anyone successfully removed (and re-installed) the plastic piece covering the driver?

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hi jpelg

1. Use a drill with a very sharp bit and use the lowest speed you can without having to exert any pressure on the plastic. The plastic shavings should come right out in the grooves of the bit.

2. I haven't tried that yet but if you checked out the pics of my broken wire you'd see why i've held off on that. lol I'm tempted to try a heat gun to remove it but with my luck it'd probably melt the driver.

3. I'm up for calling it the hero-mod. It needs the hyphen though or it looks like some weird name from a greek tragedy, and this story has a happy ending.
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i added to the OP for some updated info/impressions
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Sorry guys, I can't help myself some times...hehehe

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I don't know of another hero song out there that will get stuck in your head and give you an aneurysm like bette midler's tune. Just in case you guys are a step away from calling 911, any annoying song or jingle can be safely removed from ones' brain by forcing yourself to sing the Inspector Gadget theme song. Just try not to do it out loud.
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Originally Posted by jpelg View Post
Two questions:

1. How do you all keep the plastic pieces from dropping inside the enclosed driver area?

2. Has anyone successfully removed (and re-installed) the plastic piece covering the driver?

1. Use a clean-grooved drill bit with slow speeds, or a crown bit on high speed and use an air vacuum tool if you've got one.


these are the kind of bits I'm talking about, dentist bits
EDIT2. But no matter how careful you are with the drilling, some tiny chips of material can fall in the enclosure, after each drilled hole, you should spend a good while tapping the driver-chassis/enclosure, while holding it both vertically and horizontally, to get the chips out. Blow some air into it, and continue tapping. If nothing has come out in a minute of tapping, you're good The whole build is so rugged that it can take the tapping, I'm sure of this. The wires of course need to be handled with care. I have managed to open the cans several times, drilled holes into the enclosure, poked around and given the whole thing a few minutes of tapping several times, nothing has broken, nothing has come loose or apart. So this mod is really easy to do, if you can keep a dremel in your hand and can handle your heaphones with care.

2. Not yet, but I'm tempted to. Since this is a fresh mod, it should be explored what the driver enclosure holds within
Though it seems that the driver's edge is glued too, you can see the transparent plastic ring within the enclosure's seam. It would probably destroy the driver if you'd saw that enclosure off ..or maybe not, but I'm not going to take the risk right now Plus as you inquired, re-installation is probably an issue too, it needs to be cleaned of all the glue and then glued back on with new glue, a ton of work I presume.

I opened the cans again to poke around, and noticed these rubber plugs at the top of the closed cans, maybe they're for some feature in the PXC 350-450 cans? I took them off but I don't really know if that affects the sound, when you wear the cans they get pressed shut by the hinge.

the rubber thingy, see the removed one in the background

now both removed, they leave a 3x5mm roundish hole, but what for?

there you can see the hole from the outside when the can is put together again

3. Hero's Mod it is then
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Hmm, the mystery continues with the rubber studs. It's like they provide an airway for the enclosure, or maybe they're for removing resonance between the hinges & headphone cup chassis? Or maybe they are just for supporting the whole structure. They aren't "clack removers", at least I don't think so, by clack remover I mean a rubber stud that sits between the hinge and the cup, to prevent them from clacking against eachother. This doesn't seem plausible though, because they're on the same side of the hinge as the headphone driver wires that are protected by rugged rubber sleeves. Those sleeves already prevent all clacking, and it doesn't make sense that the rubber studs would be on the same side for this purpose. The answer is still probably something very simple and obvious, I just don't see it yet
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Maybe the rubber sleeves wear out too much over time and they added the rubber studs to add some protection. I can't find any other function for the studs other than "clack removers". I do know the first time I pulled my phones apart I didn't notice they had fallen out till I had put everything back together though.
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Yep, that's probably it. I put 'em back, actually glued 'em on, so they'll stay there

I've been really enjoying my PC 350, watched several movies, listened to all kinds of music, driven with the Meier-Audio OPERA now, they really are not the games-only headphones. I could easily do with these being my only pair of headphones, if for some reason I had to
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I recently became fed up with my PC 350 because of the comfort and SQ issues which made them unpleasant. However, I just tried this mod out and all I can say is "wow". I only drilled one hole on each side and after a first listening, what most struck me was the increase in bass. Music actually sounds alive, rather than snoozing in the back of the phone. I also noticed a considerable expansion of the soundstage and a general improvement in the mid-range. After popping on some of the velour pads from my 555's, the PC 350 are finally listenable again. Thanks so much ourfpshero, you saved me $150!
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