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Amazon, used $7.00

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I always enjoy Bruce Brubaker's "Glass Cage", flows like water and can put you in the zone.

As far as piano/simple compositions you can just put into the background... you might like some of the more ambient/electronic soundscapes; anything by Max Richter ("Blue Notebooks" or "Songs From Before"), Goldmund (Simple, but elegant), or Eluvium (more ambient than others).
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I recommend piano solos by Dustin O'Halloran. I enjoy listening to Opus 21, 22, and 23.

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ralaxing? try a new age masterpiece: George Winston's December
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I know you said instrumental, but i listen to Tori Amos's Piano collection a lot when studying and find it extremely relaxing.
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Select 'Relaxation' link and go to 3rd or 4th page.
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I like Jim Brickman, too.


How about George Winston and Liz Story?

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Simultaneously relaxing and stimulating, i.e. great for study.  Highly recommended!!!!!!!

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Ryuichi Sakamoto -- BTTB: melodic, easy stuff but has something to dwell your mind on.  I don't particularly like his latest piano outing Playing The Piano, which is not convincing performance-wise, except for the early YMO pieces, but hear for yourself.


Also I'd throw in another CD that I just brought out and listen again: Green Woods by Paul Machlis.  Luxuriant Celtic piano/ensemble music.

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Enya - Watermark


The video here

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This is great instrumental music with heavy use of piano- 1235078125_1ec729f593.jpg

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I found quite a few albums/artists that I like in this thread. Thank you! I will add Rob Costlow and Ludovico Einaudi.

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Goldmund - All Will Prosper

Akira Kosemura - Polaroid Piano

Max Richter - The Blue Notebooks

Dustin O'Halloran - Vorleben

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I like Dustin O'Halloran too. chrysalis (post #18) mentioned him as well.

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