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creek vs. headroom little or whatever else exists for around $200

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[here we go again, another question from Legoman......]

I have an AKG 501 and bought a TA with it (package deal - price was right, money is a problem). While I agree with Jude that the TA (with crossfeed) provides absolutely fatigue free listening, the treble roll off is just a bit for me, the change in tonality disquieting, and I don't think I can live with the constant doubts.
So I am looking for an alternative in the $200 region (money is a problem, 250 is the absolute, absolute upper limit).

To my knowledge that leaves

1. the Creek (and later build myself - or beg somebody to build me - a Jan Meier crossfeed)

2. the Headroom "Little"

I would be very interested in a comparison between the 2, any other amp in the price range that i am overlooking (no tubes please, expert klutz at work). Also, does the Little have a filter to compensate for the crossfeed like some of the more expensive Headroom amps?

Thanks again,

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not sure if this is a good deal but here is a link for a deal on the creak amp http://listeningstation.safeshopper.com/15/51.htm?680

reply if this helps

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The Creek matches up very well with my HD580s. It really doesn't do my Grados much justice, it kind of softens the GradoImpacttm. For my Grados, I prefer my DIY C/H/A 47 amp. I don't have any experience with the AKGs though.

The price at GoodCans (see blastoff's post) is the lowest I have seen for a new Creek.
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For that price range you could also find a new X-CANv2 -- they're selling for around $250 right now. Hard to find since they've been discontinued, but find-able.
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Thanks to all who have responded.

I would really love to hear from people who have heard the Headroom "Little" : There has been a lot of talk re. the Creek in various forums, but I haven't really seen any comments on the "Little" (bad sign?). Also, like Jude, I think I may have become addicted to the non-stressful/fatiguing sound of the Headroom cross-feed circuit; the AKG 501 also can do with the extra bass, I just need sth. that allows to compensate for the treble roll off.
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I've only owned my little for a couple of weeks now, but I like it. Yes, it has the high-pass filter for the crossfeed (and it works quite well). I use it with my Grado SR-80's. It brings the bass out, but not too much. Unfortunately I can't compare it to any other amp.

Overall I give it a thumbs up.
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This is a bit off-topic but I just got one of the old headroom cosmic amps and I also agree that the effect of the crossfeed+high-pass filter is very pleasing. I find that I keep them on more than I turn them off, and it's always nice to have the choice in any case. I haven't heard much about the little, but I know that headroom is selling its old model supremes brand-new at $300 each. Might be worth a look.
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