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I think it shouldn't be too much problem as long as we get the + and - correct...and of course the left and the right as well. 

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Just a heads up to say that hifiheadphones have a box opened pf 232 on sale for £229.00 if anyone in the uk is interested. They also have a new unopened box at £270.00

Bought from them before and they are fine.
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Hifiheadphones are great with excellent service (thumbs up for John) wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again
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I've heard that there's change in sound when recabled....

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Originally Posted by muzikfrrrik View Post

I've heard that there's change in sound when recabled....

There is no difference unless the cable you use is unbelievably long or made of a material that changes the resistance noticeably.  Otherwise, zero change.  And it takes at least 30ohms or so to start hearing an almost noticeable change with the pfe...

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Got the PFE012 for my sister from the Earphonesolution during last year's black friday sale for $80 + the green filter container. Sadly, she hated the sound so I traded hers with my Klipsch s4, which I left in the dust and gladly she love it. First impression is that it sounded disappointing; needed truckload of volume and worse, the stock tips aren't isolating. 


Then, until I put the shure olives (small) on and kapow, I love how these sing. Combination of "fun" and "non-fatiguing" sound signature is on my top list. I prefer the PFE to the klipsch x10 because PFE isolation decimates x10. Plus the high on PFE does not distort like the X10. The bass quantity is better on PFE because of the isolation that the shure olives give. Weirdly, Shure olives altered the klipsch x10 as the bass is reduced and increase distortion in highs. 


Anyhow, I got extra green filters so if one wanna trade for grey/black, I'd be happily too.

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Gandasaputra, do yourself a favor and try the grey filters. Transform your PFE012 to the more expensive PFE112 by just changing to the grey filters. You will find that the sound just opens up with the grey filters. Mids and Highs come alive and everything sounds much clearer and more detailed though the bass is not affected. Hope this helps ;) 

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I will try that but how's everyone opinion with the black filter? I'd be great if I have all type of the filters :D 

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The black filters have a dip around the mid frequency region therefore it has a V shaped sound signature. I find the grey filters have the most neutral sound signature. I think you should test them all to find your own preference.

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Unfortunately I cannot find any seller that sells grey filter, even don't have it

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Gandasaputra, try contacting Phonak ( and see if they're still selling those filters.

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I was still able to buy grey filters locally in Hong Kong but yes it's darn rare now

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If you prefer reference sound I wouldn't bother with any filters other than the greys.  However, I realize different people have different tastes.  The other filters simply take the frequency response further from neutral.

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Originally Posted by Francisk View Post

Gandasaputra, try contacting Phonak ( and see if they're still selling those filters.

had contacted the person and sadly the representative replied:


Sorry if you are unable to find them on:

then we are out of them indefinitely.


Apparently since the phonaks are discontinued, so are the filters.  Oh well, I'll stick with the green ones but it'd be great if I could trade some of my greens with the grey ones.

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Try it here.


It's a polish shop but they have their website also in English and send overseas.


[edit] Nevermind, they don't ship out of EU.

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