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Just got the 012's on loan and thought I'd share a few thoughts.

Firstly what a great design! The Phonak's don't look like anything else and I find them very comfortable. The cable is also very nice, no memory effect and supple.
Sound: First impressions were it sounded a bit thin. 2 things have helped that for me, a deeper insertion and also amplification! No doubt said a million times here but my mobile just doesn't cut it with these, they need power! Playing with the filters is interesting, essentially they just seem to attenuate whilst adjusting the sound towards a bass emphasis as you go from no filter > grey > green. I don't like the all. Dark and dull. Grey is nice, more my thing I think. No filter is probably a bit spikey up top for me. Also sound stage seems to degrade moving from no filter > green.

Out of interest are all the Phonaks hard to drive and are the filters interchangable? I know this info is no doubt burried in this thread somewhere but I'm inherently lazy biggrin.gif
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Sorry wrong post: nevermind...

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Can anyone tell me how the build quality of these are right now? I know in the past there have been issues, but now?

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Originally Posted by trenzterra View Post

Can anyone tell me how the build quality of these are right now? I know in the past there have been issues, but now?


From what I've read, the build issues have been dealt with fully.  The only complaint I have about the PFE0xx or 1xx line is that the headphone jack is straight.  Everything else is top notch :)

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Unapologetic for the thread digging! evil_smiley.gif


Anyways, I'm pretty fed up with the consumables cost of the Comply tips now. I'm wondering if it's possible to use the PFEs with custom tips without deteriorating the sound? If so, any recommendations/guidelines when selecting one from an audiologist?


I'm sure this has been discussed before....but surely nobody reads all 169 pages worth of comments? tongue_smile.gif


Cheers, guys!

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I bought some directly from Phonak at the beginning of the year and it says "PFE 111 V1" on the bottom..

Can anyone confirm what the newest version of the PFE 111 is?
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Yup they are the revised white version of the PFEs. I have the same under my box off of bhphotovideo.
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How do the Perfect Bass 012 compare to other IEMs with treble. 

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I am coming from an RE-262 and I want abit more bass and treble and the most I can spend is $120. How does the Phonak Audéo Perfect Bass 012 compare to either of the following IEMs.


Shure SE215,


HiFiMAN RE-262

Brainwavz M3

V-Moda VIbes (1st Generation)


Fischer Audio Eterna

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@Johnny, The 012 uses the green filters as standard and will still accept the other filter options should you decide to buy the filter pack. Mind you, it won't be cheap, though. The grey filters still sound the most neutral and even-handed throughout the frequency spectrum, IMHO (they are also the most spacious sounding of all the 3 colours to my ears). I find the grey ones **slightly** sibilant when used with the silicone tips and stock iPhone/iPod TRRS output, though. So, Comply + grey to wipe the floor for all the other IEMs you've tried so far. ksc75smile.gif


If your listening environment is quiet, I find the bass on the 111/112 sufficient and tuneful, esp. when you get a good seal on them. But bear in mind that we're talking BA drivers here, so bass QUANTITY isn't their strongest suit.


If you can afford it, I would STRONGLY suggest you move up to the 111/112 as it offers an overall greater value for money.

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Originally Posted by trenzterra View Post

Can anyone tell me how the build quality of these are right now? I know in the past there have been issues, but now?


I've had mine for about 2 years now, maybe more I'm not entirely sure anymore, and don't have the box within easy reach.

I probably got the v1 batch, as it was in 2010 and the switch from v0-v1 was in 2009, so the initial problems had supposedly been fixed.

In the beginning I carried it in the carrying case in my backpack, but I unfortunately lost that. Since then I kept them in a small pocket in the top of my backpack, with some other small things, like a lock, sunglasses etc. but overall pretty well shielded, and not under any heavier weight.

And they still work entirely perfectly, no problems what so ever!

The cable has got a little bit of a curve on the connector side of the Y-connector, but it's only faint and not bothersome in any way.

So in my experience, these have lasted pretty good so far, I tend to have them with me all the time, and often use them on the daily commute and sometimes at home.

Hope that helps

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I just bought a pair of the 232s and I think their build is good, but I haven't had them long enough to determine if there are any weak links in the cable connections, etc..  But then again they are expensive and I don't just yank them out by the cable, stuff them in my pants pocket, and treat them like Apple ear buds.  A little care in how you treat them and you should be fine. 


As a comparison I've had a pair of Ety ER4P for years, had them yanked out of my ears by tree branches while mowing, wound around my fingers and stuffed in pockets, slept in them a couple times half way around the world, and they still have no problems.

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How are mic & multi fuction buttons on the PFE 123?
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I have been lurking happily for a month and finallygot my Perfect Bass 022 this week! My ears are finally happy after years of stock samsung or iphone buds, and testing out lots of iems below $150 USD. A little bit about my music choice, I listen mostly to classical orchestral works and some chamber works. I play music myself, so I like the intimate feel of sitting upclose rather than FAR away at some corner of the concert hall. I love deep rumbling bass of sitting right in front of the cello and double bass section. To achieve that, I used green filters but added 3db to mids and 2db to treble, and 1db to the highest treble. I left the bass alone, as it was definitely plenty, and a bit over the top.   I am about to order filters. Which filter might be better for that purpose?
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Congrats on the earphones, must be quite a fresh breeze after those horrible stock earbuds.

Anyways, I believe the grey ones tend to be a bit more analytical and flat, while the blacks are a bit more bassy and warm, while sacrificing some of the detail and brightness.

You can find a lot more info and discussion by just searching "phonak filters" here on the site.

Hope that helps

 EDIT:  I think the green filters might be bassier after reading some comments here on head-fi, I wouldn't know though, only have the black/grey

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