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Thanks for the responses.


Yesterday I started noticing more and more how the Comply tips blocked too much high sounds, so I'll see if the silicones + black filter give me what I like. And I'll start looking around for other tips...

I assume foam tips from other brands also muffle the high like the Compy tips do? I guess that means I should look for bi-/tri-flange silicone tips. Any recommendations for brands that give good sound and compatibility with the PFE?



I've had a tip come off and get stuck in my ear when I used those plug-on semi-in-ear iPod things, it was a really horrible feeling, I got real freaked out over it... So thanks for the warning, I will try to avoid using the silicones a lot. Or not switch them around a lot for now, that should help not loosening some of the grip they have.


BTW, so far everything I have tested it were losless FLAC recordings, so that part should not be the issue. (Can never know what quality was on the original CD tho ^^.)

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Originally Posted by heynice View Post

Third pair??!?!? what happened to the 1st and 2nd? they broke?

First pair had cracks, second pair the cable split at the strain relief to the housing.

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Originally Posted by GreatDane View Post

First pair had cracks, second pair the cable split at the strain relief to the housing.


oh damn! now I am worried, were these the V2? or earlier versions?

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Originally Posted by heynice View Post



oh damn! now I am worried, were these the V2? or earlier versions?

These were the first versions I believe.If you search old threads you will see my pics. My current pair have held up fine after hundreds of hours of use. I sleep with them. No cracks in the housing and no sign of wear on the cables. I did receive hassle-free exchange service from wbrownie @ Phonak for the problems.

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oh i see, i just received my pair today, i ordered them on tuesday from earphone solutions, that was fast !, had to pay $16 cad for gst and some fedex fees, my pfe came in good condition...its gonna take some time to get used to over the ear iems o.0, kinda difficult getting them on and off

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Great memories, great memories I would not hesitate to get another pair.....3rd pair but the build quality....It wans't that it sucked it seemed to be one of those trial and error things.(TOYOTA BRAKES) I guess you just have some companies that get it right the first time. And other have to have there product used, before they can determine flaws. I'm curious on the v2, we shall see.......

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I just received my PFE 112s from Fedex and I have to say I'm really disappointed. The right driver is damaged and sounds obviously distorted; at first I thought it was just my source and that these headphones were incredibly revealing of it's flaws, until I realized it was only happening on the right channel. The left channel sounds perfect, everything is smooth and well balanced, but the right channel sounds extremely harsh and agitated, like I'm listening to a 64kbps MP3 file.


I will be returning these to Audeoworld for a refund. I was really excited to receive mine after reading all the praise for them on these forums but now I'm weary of their build quality, especially considering all the concerns people had with the first version of these IEMs.

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You listed a PFE122 in your sig., so I thought I'll just ask: is it a 122 (with mic) or a 112? If it is a 122, you might want to try pressing the mic button and see if it sound fine or not. If it does sound fine when you pressed the button, there is an possibility that whatever jack you plug the PFE into is not compatible to the TRRS plug.

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Yeah, that's a typo haha - correcting it now. I purchased the PFE 112s.

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Alright. I do recommend an exchange instead of a refund. Lemon does happen sometime and I have received a few lemon myself, but there isn't many IEM can beat PFE for its sound and price point.

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For what it's worth and my problem aside, these IEMs sound phenomenal for the money. I've narrowed the problem down to ultra low frequency - the distortion is most prominent when listening to electronic and hiphop music whereas as it's hardly noticeable when listening to my punk collection. Anyways I think I'm going to go ahead and contact AudeoWorld for a replacement pair and hope I have better luck this time around, because I'm really looking forward to seeing what these have to offer without the distortion.

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I am now using the Sony Hybrid tips with these, and they are still the most comfortable IEMs out there. I have not found something that comes close. Isolation is not quite as good as with the Shure Olives but still very good. Sound quality is arguable improved with the Sonys.


In terms of SQ, comfort, and isolation, the PFEs are still arguable the best value on the market IMO. They are still my go-to IEMs for travel. I know they lack efficiency but perhaps a new DAP and/or amp would improve that. Build quality also is fine with my v1s after nearly a year of very frequent use.

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FU** i love these iems, ive been listening to them ever since i got them. the highs and mids are perfect for me. I have some shure 440 phones, and the highs are a little overwhelming with my d10, but the phonaks are perfect! ill be using them for a long time. i need to invest in some shure olives, at the moment im using the silicon tips, and don't want to spend for compl'ys on a regular basis..

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 any one do re terminate phonak original jack replace with swichcraft or viablue jack?

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