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I absolutely love my PFE's...

I upgraded from Ety built Altec iM716's... and have never looked back. I listen to them as much as possible, and I enjoy the accurate sound that they produce.

I've listened to all types of music, and they have yet to disappoint. Their clarity and response, as well as accuracy is what really amazes me. I simply could not ask for a better IEM, I don't even think I'll be looking anymore... as @$125 shipped... not sure I can find anything better.

I am really please with them, in fact most of the time I'd rather be listening to them than doing something else. I usually fall asleep with them in at night too... very comfortable.

Martin's review, and the countless good words on this forum is what made me pull the trigger. I tell you, all of them are true as well!

Only thing else I might look into is an amp in the future...

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Do these reveal an enormous difference between lossless and well-encoded 320kbps mp3 files? Or will I still pee myself listening to my LAME mp3's with these?
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Wait and see. But get out the D-Pends.
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I prefer Huggies, to be honest.
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Originally Posted by average_joe View Post
But I see your point. I think the NE-7s sounded pretty bad when I first heard them, as did my Icon Mobile (both especially compared to now).
I can believe that Speakers and Dynamic driver earphones can undergo changes with some amount of use aka burn-in.

A solid state amp burning in is very far fetched.
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Originally Posted by i_don't_know View Post
I prefer Huggies, to be honest.
idk's new avatar=
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Originally Posted by i_don't_know View Post
Do these reveal an enormous difference between lossless and well-encoded 320kbps mp3 files? Or will I still pee myself listening to my LAME mp3's with these?
No, you should be fine with 256K and above with them.
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So, I spent about two hours tonight listening the Phonak Audeo and it was nice. Then I switched to my Westone 3 about 20 minutes ago, while listing to the same live performance of Ryan Adams in 24 bit/96 Khz 2304 Kbps via Macbook Pro optical out into my iBasso D10 DAC/amp. All I can say is WOW!

Sure, I like my Phonak tstarn06, but there is NO WAY I'll be saying they can beat my Westone 3 anytime soon!

My Westone 3 are simply more immersive and energetic and engaging and powerful and exciting - they transported me right into the audience, and this is with the grey silicone tips on the W3 with a shallow insertion. They are even better with my custom UM56 tips. Now I'm even more excited because I left my ear impressions with Westone today for my ES3X customs, and hope to pick them up around the 10th of Feb. Very Evil.

So, sure I'm a member of Team Phonak and they are great for the money; but no, they will not be replacing my Westone 3.
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Well, I only wish I was having the same experience, since the W3s cost so much more, but I am not right now. My rig is much simpler, a humble MiniboxE+ using the Touch 2G with a very good LOD cable. Frankly, I am still getting some of the harshness others have complained about with the W3s, and while I thought the modded tri-flange were a solution, those sleeves way overemphasize the bass (even though it tames any harshness).

So now I am using the Comply P thins, and they seem to be a good compromise. None of the silicones work for my ears either in terms of fit. Still, some sibilance seeps into my listening, depending on the tracks (my collection ranges from lossless to 192k, depending on the artist).

I assume you were listening to the Phonaks using optical out, Macbook, etc. as well. So maybe my small rig is just the better option for the Phonaks v. the Westones for some unknown reason. Honestly, when I unplug the Phonaks from the amp and plug in the W3s, I immediately sense I lost something, call it clarity. Not sure.

Unamped, the Phonaks' only flaw is the lack of volume with a couple of my DAPs, and there the W3s have a leg up.

I am not giving up on the Westies (since I can't really sell them anyway), and am not saying the Phonaks are the superior IEM. Just for my pedestrian ears, they are winning the race right now. I have to agree with some who say if it's such a matter of fit, tip, ear shape, etc., maybe the W3s are only for a chosen few who seem to get sound Nirvana out of them. I haven't yet. They sound very good, mind you. But when I alternate listening to each phone (phonak and W3), my ears like the lower-priced spread more.

Maybe it's just me. But really, that doesn't matter, right? I am not shedding the WW3s for the Phonaks. My efforts to compare them will continue. Oh, and I am not alone. I believe Chi2 also favors his PFEs over the W3s, as does Confispect. They can correct me if I am wrong.

And Average Joe, as you can see from his post, rates the PFEs a notch below the IE8s, another $400-plus IEM.

Just sayin.
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I'm thinking about these, the ones with microphone..
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I'm intrigued by these phones. At $125 they seem too good to be true.

I work with a bunch of audiologists though so I'm going to sound them out on Phonak first. See if they've heard of their hearing aids.
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The definitely aren't too good to be true. While they may not be considered top tier IEMs by most Head-Fi'ers, they are the indisputable "bang for the buck" champs in my experience. I doubt anyone would argue otehrwise, To me, only the Yuin PK3s (ear buds) at $39 are in the same league when it comes to cost vs. performance.
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Well, I just spoke to the head of the audiology department I'm attached to (I work in speech therapy - just down the hall) and he confirmed that Phonak are one of the leading names in hearing aids. A "top notch" company in his words.

I've also requested a sample pair of the phones for my acoustics lab so fingers crossed Phonak will be shipping them out soon.
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Very cool. Try both filters and both tips (silicone and comply). The sound can change a lot depending on the combo. Depends on your favorite flavor.
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I think this will be my first impulse purchase due to head-fi.
Not much has been said about the fit though, how is it? Can you sleep with them on?
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