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i personally do not hear much difference between different LOD cables as the connection is very short. i personally use a qables LOD but believe that you can find decent ones in the fs forums. i would get the amp and LOD at the same time, but not worry too much about spending a boatload on the LOD as the amp is the major factor in the whole equation.
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I see.. Well, how about stock amps? as in, unmodified? So with the IE8s, unmodified Hornets, Tomahawks, Mustangs or D10. Or maybe even the iQube. If I muster up the courage. Or the capital. I heard the Mustangs don't synergise well with high-bass IEMs due to its large bass boost.
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this is what i have read too but unfortunately i have no first-hand experience with the mustang paired with the ie8's. i do know that HiFlight is producing an opamp topkit for the D10 that synergises very well with the IE8's. there has been some reflections in the D10 thread:


i myself am waiting for my kit to be delivered.
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I'm actually hearing that the Mustangs have too powerful bass boost for the IE8s now. Also, I have a friend of mine that didn't like the Tomahawks or the Hornets, saying that the Hornet was at best on par with the D10. Considering the price, I think I'll go D10 for my beautes.
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don't think you will be disappointed and have fun with your purchase. don't forget HiFlight makes an opamp topkit that matches the d10 with the ie8s perfectly.
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Yeah. Actually I just read up about the GS Voyager as well, and they've had 5-star reviews everywhere. How do they stack up with the IE8s? D10 seems to be slightly larger too...
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never tried the Voyager...
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Thanks for all the recommendations.

I have bought the iBasso D10 and an iRiver H120.

A very enjoyable portable setup.
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So even the low impedance IE8 benefits from Amps. Hehe I'm receiving mine in a few days, don't have an amp though, will be using it with my Nokia 5800.
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i got the AD744OBCA/EL8201 combo from Hiflight, it sounds great with the IE8s, the 2141's r suppose to sound good with them as well, should be arriving in a couple of days... tho i leave my IE8s in the corner now, using my ACS-T1s full time now lol... i'll prob try the IE8s with the new opamp sometime when i'm free tho
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