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Here's the XBOX 360 lovers take on it:

Nintendo Wii - You're a casual gamer with a decent budget. You like inviting people over, and you're not competitive. You're into less violence, more health, jokes, and education. Multimedia isn't important, but if you're a hacker - awesome because the Wii IS mod-able FWIR. Gamecube back-compatibility is king (SSBM Melee FTW!). You love the motion sensor and making new Wii Mii's is always fun. Online play doesn't matter because you've always got someone to play with, or you don't mind playing alone. You love the compactness and good looks even if it doesn't include the features of pricier consoles. You love the Wii for the family-friendly games.

Microsoft XBOX 360 - You're a hardcore gamer. Graphics matter. You enjoy shooters, alot of violence and don't mind the restriction of the couch (With the exclusion of DDR, Guitar Hero, Rockband, and possibly the next big update, being no controller needed). You're on a pretty high budget (With the exclusion of ~$120 used XBOX 360's on craigslist and eBay) and love online action. You have enough free time to keep up with the stats and often join online parties with friends. Multimedia is kind of important. Bigger screens are usually needed unless you don't mind not being able to see your enemies/objectives. You don't mind paying $50/year for LIVE because the quality of the servers and the support is decent. You love the XBOX 360 because it has alot of games.

Sony PlayStation3 - You're on an even higher budget, but you're a smart buyer because the PS3 is jammed with features that neither the Wii or 360 have. Blu-Ray is the best, we all know it. The PS3 boasts a DVD, Blu-Ray and PS3 game compatible drive. So what? It's a little bulky, but the XBOX 360 requires a USB router and PlayStation Network is free, even though the servers are down often. The accessories and games often cost the most, but you're okay with that, because they're lightweight and top notch. You love the PS3 for it's exclusive games and high capacity HDD.