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Is Nintendo Wii Really Worth It?

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Partner is (slightly) interested in Wii Fit. She doesn't really play games.
Apart from that to be honest, I can't find many games that I am interested myself. Maybe Mario range and that's about it. I got a PS3 already. Should I really buy it or do you think I will end up getting bored a few weeks after buying it?
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Coming from another gamer, the Wii is very gimmicky. Wii fit is no substitute for a gym membership.

Ok so a new controller is kind of cool, but pretty much a wireless mouse. Once you learn the physics of a particular game, say like tiger woods golf, you figure out that its easier to just flick you wrist than to pretend to swing a club.

Also, the platform is the same as the gamecube. So the games are very limited in their physics and graphical capabilities.

The magic wears off pretty quick then you realize what a gimmick it actually is.
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It all depends on what kind of gamer you are. The graphics are substandard for today's nextgen consoles. However, you also need to consider the "fun" factor. Wii is really geared towards social gaming. If you play together with friends or family it can be extremely entertaining and easily take up a full evening, even just playing the simple Wii Sports that's packaged with the console. That's not to say there aren't standout solo games on the Wii: Zelda, Metroid Prime 3, and the Mario titles come to mind quickly. There are just fewer of these games on the platform than on the other big boys, and there is a lot of crap out there as well.

Considering the price, if you are going to play with others on a regular basis, I think it's well worth it, especially considering you should be able to sell it pretty readily on the used market if you decide not to keep it - as far as I know, the demand is still outpacing the supply, so the used market should be pretty healthy for the platform still.

As an aside, gorgak is right, you can reduce the motions of the controller to quick twists of the wrist, but that defeats the purpose for me. Most of the games on the Wii that are relatively popular are less about plowing through the game and "winning", and more about having fun. Yes, I could use wrist movements to play Tiger Woods, but why? It's more fun to me to worry less about the score and get immersed in the gameplay and fun factor of emulating a real golf swing to play the game.
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You'll get bored of it quickly, guaranteed. And this comes from a long-time Nintendo fan.
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I have a Wii that I got with my internet connection. It is collecting dust though I liked Mario Galaxy. I still have to play Zelda and get Okami.

Consensus: get an old N64 with Zelda: OOT, Goldeneye, Mario Kart and oh, don't forget your gym membership.
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All my friends who have a Wii and have kids under 10 say their kids still play with it.

All my friends who have a Wii and kids over 10 say their kids don't and are either asking for an Xbox360 & Ps3 or playing with their Xbox360 or Ps3.

All my friends who don't have kids, their Wii gathers dust and is sometimes pulled out during parties when everyone else is lining up for Rockband/Guitar Hero on the Xbox360 or Ps3.
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I grew tired of my Wii rather quickly. Maybe until they develop games that don't depend entirely on the novelty of the Wiimote to be worth playing.

I prefer my PS3. The PS3 is also a decent media server if you don't want to play games.

I too got suckered into getting a Wii by the GF. There aren't many games I really care for on the Wii. Maybe Metroid Prime, that's about it. But hey, it's a relationship, right? You're supposed to do stuff together...
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I guess it depends on personal preference. Since my brother got it, the wii has gotten almost as much use as my PC. I play a lot of PC games, but the wii can be an awesome experience, just because I love the mouse and keyboard combo so dearly. I can't stand playing Halo or COD on an Xbox 360 because of the controls. Metroid Prime:3 for wii was a great use of the wiimote and nunchuck in a FPS. My brother an I constantly boot up Smash Bros Brawl and Guitar Hero:WT, usually everyday at least once.

The percentage of good games is small compared to PS3 and Xbox, but developers have been trying to just get "shovelware" out the door as quick as possible to move units while the wii is still hot. Try to borrow one a check it out, or if you cave and you don't like it, you will be able to sell it for little to no loss
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I have a Wii, a 360, and a gaming PC. The Wii gets the second most use these days. I bought Wii Fit not wanting it to get into shape or anything of the sort, but instead to try out the balance board in the mini-games and also to use with Shaun White Snowboarding. Its pretty fun, but I haven't turned it on in a while.

I've already beaten Okami, Paper Mario, Mario Galaxy, Zelda, and Metroid Prime 3, so the game that currently gets the most play is Tiger Woods golf. As mentioned above, it's possible to cheat the motion for it... but why, you're only depriving yourself of a fun experience.

That being said, my 360 has been used the most, between Rock Band, Madden 09, and Left 4 Dead.
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I like my wii.

Been playing smash brawl/melee, rockband 2 and GHIII when im bored.
I wouldn't say its a total gimmick, but i guess to some more serious gamers, the Wii doesn't really provide that authentic game choices like the PS3 or Xbox 360. But for those, I'd say go for a desk top

oh, and what UglyJoe said
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Mario is great as always and that is about it. Fun for the kids and the occasional bowling night is fun but other than that my 360 rules the roost when it comes to gaming.
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I was pretty psyched to get mine and played often for about half a year. (As mentioned, it's a lot of fun with friends or at a party). My friends and I eventually got bored and after months of no use, I packed it up and sent it home to my younger siblings who still love it. Even when I had the Wii with me, the PS3 got more daily use because of BD and media server stuff.
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Chiming in:

1. ALL of my friends who bought a Wii (N = 8) are now bored with it.
2. A survey was conducted by one of the online tech giants (Gizmodo? I forget), and the conclusion was that the Wii was cool, but once the novelty wore off it began collecting dust.
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The wii is only fun when you have friends over to play the party games (as has been mentioned)

To play on your own or even 2 player its.. bleh..

Having said that, there's a lot to be said for getting your gf/wife into gaming so if this'll do it, it might be worth it.. then if she gets bored with it and wanting some more interesting, you got your PS3 to move her onto adult games, and sell the wii
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Hmm... maybe I shouldn't get it then. I mean if I am not even sure myself, then I think I won't really enjoy it.

Because I will be the one playing games, and partner might use it for Wii Fit but I don't know how long it lasts before she gets bored. Game wise, I am interested in Mario, but I think that's a high price to pay just to play Mario games. (for other games I got PS3).

Thanks for the input guys, I think I'll just skip the Wii then.
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