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Websites/books for learning about audio circuitry, etc

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Hey guys, I'm looking for any websites or books that I'll be able to learn from relating to audio electronics. I ask because people list the BOM for projects, and I always see professional DIY'ers changing up the values of the components for more expensive, "better" components that they seem to know will make it sound better. I'd like to learn how changing the values of resistors, capacitors, op amps, etc, will affect the sound that comes from the build.

Also, I'd just like to learn about it all in general, so if anybody has any websites/books that relates to this topic, help me out will ya.

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I'm currently reading this

Frank W. Harris, Crystal Sets to Sideband

It's a free book written by an old ham radio guy to explain how to build one's own ham receiver/transmitter. You won't probably be interested in building one, but the book walks you through most of the technical details you need for DIY audio which are essentially the same, and does so in a very pleasant, down-to-earth, understandable way. With lots of sidetracking into interesting historical anecdotes or personal stuff from the author's life which enliven the narration and make the book a pleasure to read.
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Try Pete Millett's DIY Audio pages - he has a library of free books there. I also highly recommend the books by Morgan Jones and Bruce Rozenblit.
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Thanks guys. I think I'll start with Millett's DIY audio page first. I've been to his website several times before and totally forgot he had an e-book archive.
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You can read most of Horowitz & Hill's 'The Art of Electronics' on Google.
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G. Randy Slone's The Audiophile's Project Sourcebook is a great book to see some examples and circuit diagrams for all kinds of audio devices, from headphone amps to power supplies.
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I don't mean to resurrect an ancient thread, but does anyone have any suggestions for a electronics for dummies-esque kind of book? Not necessarily related to do your self or high-end audio
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Practical Electronics for Inventors, by Paul Scherz. It just came out in a third edition recently.

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