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i think that you reed this:

you don't need ffdshow any more with cyberlink audio decoder PDVD13, it can work with AC3 audio, i tray it witch MPC-HC and it worked perfectly and the option stick also, but don't forget to put all the necessary file in your codec folder

see this graph



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Apologies for the grave-dig.  I just got this working in both Foobar and MPC but it doesn't seem to work with 7.1 surround content, only 5.1.  Is it just me or is this just a limitation of the (current) implementation?

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Originally Posted by Nintendo Maniac View Post

Apologies for the grave-dig.  I just got this working in both Foobar and MPC but it doesn't seem to work with 7.1 surround content, only 5.1.  Is it just me or is this just a limitation of the (current) implementation?


Well, I can't seem to find any 7.1 content on my computer, so I can't help you there. However, if you haven't already, I do recommend giving Razer Surround a try. I know some people here have been ****ting on it, but personally I think it's alright. Plus it plays 5.1 FLAC content without freezing up the video.

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I remember that software, but it was pay-for so I just ignored it before.  Currently however they're allowing you to download for free until Dec. 31, so I gave it a whirl.


To be honest I've no idea why people are hating on it, because I actually like its results better than Dolby Headphone!  Not only does it work for 7.1 surround, but since it works as an actual sound driver it works for any surround audio source.  Also if you turn off all the post-processing stuff, the audio quality sounds much less butchered than what Dolby Headphone does - this is particularly useful for stereo audio sources.


For anyone that cares, I'm using the ever-so-famous (white 9963) "Enhanced Bass" Monoprice IEMs.  These IEMs are quite well-known for their wide sound-stage, so in the Razer Configurator I had to actually manually reduce the sound-stage.  For headphones I selected "Hammerhead Pro", and for calibration I moved the front left & right 5 clicks from being as forward as possible while moving the rear left & right back by 5 clicks.



EDIT: Ah, I think I know why people are hating.  I just did a waveform recording and comparison between Razer Surround with it on and with it off and used a non-loudness war-victim stereo song (Clannad visual novel actually >_>) as a guinea pig.  It turns out that Razer Surround seems to boost the treble, and I know that head-fi definitely has its share of bass-heads.  Personally I'm not a bass-head at all, so I didn't really notice nor care all that much.  It may also be because the Monoprice IEMs are known to roll off the highs a bit, so boosting the trebles some may actually help.


EDIT 2: From some testing it would seem that enabling Razer Surround's 'Stereo Enhancement' also helps reign-in the treble-boost somewhat, so if you're "allergic" to treble then that may be relevant.  However I think it also reduces the bass a little bit as well, though not as much as the treble.


EDIT 3: For whatever crazy reason whenever a song stops playing in Foobar, Razer Surround's CPU utalize skyrockets for a couple seconds to the point of making my PC hang for those few seconds.  This does not happen if a song is set to loop unless I hit the stop button manually or I actually close Foobar completely, and then said CPU spiking will occur.

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Huh, interesting. Thanks for finding some hard evidence about that. The quirks that I really dislike about Razer Surround are all driver related: (1) it always likes to set itself as the default device, and (2) switching between it and another sound device will sometimes cause stuff to get "stuck" and not play in the new device (e.g., HTML5, Flash, Skype, MPC-HC).


Personally, I switch back to my default device (USB DAC) when playing stereo stuff (Maiko on Winamp doesn't like Razer Surround at all). I never got around to fixing the default device issue, so I just leave it on when watching videos in MPC-HC (the audio is lossy anyway). But if anyone is interested, I do have a (slightly buggy) task tray app for switching audio devices: https://github.com/xvz/DefaultAudioChanger. Probably only works for Win 7 x64 though.



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Well I just use the same audio device for Razer Surround as I do without it.  As blasphemous as it sounds I only use headphones and I have said headphones plugged directly into my soundcard on the back of my PC.


Therefore, in order to enable and/or disable Razer Surround all I need to do is right-click the tray icon and can enable/disable "Virtual Aduio Device" from the right-click menu.


BTW, there's a wonky on-screen glitch where the text popup saying "Razer Synamps 2.0 Configurator" ends up stuck on-screen.  It's however easy to "fix", all you need to do is just right-click on the Razer Surrond tray icon again - you don't even have to select anything after that.

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2016 bump


Does anyone have the files needed for this please. The original Megaupload link is not working.


Edit. Do we still need to follow these settings for dolby headphone to work correctly in MPC?

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See if the 2shared one has what you want: http://www.head-fi.org/t/405417/guide-dolby-headphone-in-mpc-zoom-player/30#post_8971211

I also had this locally, might be newer: http://www51.zippyshare.com/v/192Tjpq3/file.html


Probably still the same steps to get it to work. It's super finicky/support is spotty so I've stuck to Razer Surround---good enough for 5.1ch videos and the "Surround on/off" works now.

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So if you have a software like Razer surround or a hardware version of Dolby headphone then you don't need to follow those steps in MPC, correct?


I have a Xonar U3 with Dolby headphone and thought that I was doing it all wrong, when I came across another dolby headphone thread somewhere.


Anyway thanks for the link. Its still quite good as I can use it on my laptop where there is no Dolby headphone.

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Yeah. Razer Surround provides a virtual audio device that simulates surround via software. It will work for all sources (games, movies, music, etc.). I don't own any hardware with Dolby headphone but I would imagine you just need (at most) the driver software to enable the surround function (again for all sources).

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Awesome, thanks for the reply.

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