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Do a windows search for claud.sim, maybe there is more than one. Do you have a C:\Program Files\Common Files\cyberlink folder? If you can't figure it out try the guide but you will have two cyberlink decoders installed.

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Hi. First, I'd like to thank you for the wonderful guide, it's very helpful. However, I have a problem. Well, I'm not sure whether it's actually a problem. Excuse my lack of knowledge. I followed the guide closely and managed to get DH working but two weird things happened:


1. When I playback a video and look at the filters, in addition to CL Audio Decoder there's an "AVI<->AC3/DTS" as well. Is this a problem? I have disabled AC3/DTS at internal filters and I have no external filters other than CL. Audio works but personally I can't find much of a difference b/n MPC-HT default and Dolby Headphones. Then again I couldn't find much difference b/n DH in Cyberlink itself compared to MPC-HT default either. Maybe it's because of the scene I'm testing on - first shootout on the boat in The Expendables.

2. While audio works it pauses for a few seconds when I fast-forward or rewind. Not too much of an issue but I tend to rewind when watching movies when I can't get enough of a certain scene and in that case it's annoying. Is there a workaround this?


I'm using a pair of Ultrasone HFI-780 with a Chaintech AV-710 directly outputting through the Wolfson DAC. No amp yet.



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there is an update to this excelent guide,.


Its written by a diffrent person, but greatly expands on this.



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Strange, I'm not getting the dolby headphone logo but it's working. Anyone else got this? When I right click filters, It doesn't show up but I know it's working because I can compare to two other softwares including PowerDVD with dolby headphone on and off.


Using MPC-HC from the latest klite codec and powerdvd 12.

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Would anyone be so kind as to share the .rar file from the first post? gs1000.gif Unfortunately, Megaupload doesn't exist anymore. T_T
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Megaupload link is down :( Can you give us another link?

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Could you please reup the RAR?

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Thanks for the quick reply!


The second and third codecs you linked don't include Dolby Headphone:





As for the first codec, it's called "CyberLink Audio Decoder (PDVD12)," so I'm assuming it's the right one. But when I go to "Play > Filters > CyberLink Audio Decoder (PDVD12)," this is what pops up:





It looks like adrift had a similar issue with PowerDVD10, but I'm not sure how he solved it. Something to do with CyberLink Audio Effect?  Any ideas?


Thanks again =)


EDIT: Oh, apparently you have to filter the audio through CyberLink Audio Effect and select Dolby Headphone there. But for some reason Audio Effect won't let me apply any changes I make to it. I press "Apply" and nothing happens. Hm.


EDIT: Okay, I can get Audio Effect and Dolby Headphone to work, but the channel order given here apparently doesn't work with CyberLink PDVD12. I've played with it for a couple minutes and I can't find out what's wrong.

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Okay, I think the CyberLink Audio Decoder (PDVD12) from Codec Kiev is just plain broken. I got it open in GraphStudio and this is what I saw:





No options to select Dolby Headphone and some broken tab names. Hm.


I think I either need the version MrKazador uploaded or some instructions on how to install/use a working version.... Thanks in advance to anyone who has either.


Incidentally, it's odd that more people aren't interested in getting Dolby Headphone running.


EDIT: The decoder in PowerDVD Ultra 7.3.3304 works.

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After a bit of fiddling around I got the options to work, but MPC-HC won't use it as a filter. It might just be my setup though (I'm using Haali splitter + LAV filters). I've tried blocking LAV Audio and "Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder", but it defaults to the MPC audio decoder.


To get the options to work.. You need Claud.ax, CLAud.sim and DolbyHph.dll from PowerDVD 10. You can get them by installing the trial (see FileHippo.com) and grabbing them from "Common\AudioFilter". I've also uploaded a rar here: http://www.2shared.com/file/aT5Bbm9_/PDVD10-claud.html. I'm on Win 7 x64, so I put those in SysWOW64 and registered Claud.ax. Open up MPC-HC and add the "Cyberlink Audio Decoder (PDVD10)" filter as per the first post. Double click it and you should be able to select "Dolby Headphone" under "Output Mode".


If anyone knows how to actually get MPC-HC to use the filter, please let me know :)


EDIT: Nevermind, the files from boffo's comment (http://pcloadletter.co.uk/2011/04/05/5-1-channel-audio-through-headphones/) + ffdshow work. However, multichannel FLAC videos don't play..

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Cyberlink Audio Video Codec Pack from PowerDVD 13 Ultra
work with


Video : MPEG2 / MPEG4-H.264 / VC1
Audio : AC3, DTS 24/96, Dolby ProLogicIIx, Dolby DigitalEX, TruSurroundXT, CLMEI2, Dolby Virt-Speaker, 5.1, 7.1





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Originally Posted by zoulou99 View Post

Cyberlink Audio Video Codec Pack from PowerDVD 13 Ultra
work with


Video : MPEG2 / MPEG4-H.264 / VC1
Audio : AC3, DTS 24/96, Dolby ProLogicIIx, Dolby DigitalEX, TruSurroundXT, CLMEI2, Dolby Virt-Speaker, 5.1, 7.1






Really? An installer? Anyway, I pulled the claud.sim and DolbyHph.dll from your installer (done in a VM of course) and registered Claud.ax from a PDVD13 Ultra installer. The Dolby headphone option doesn't work at all. Should I be registering more of the files?

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because of the variation of the hardware, try to instal the pack into your virtual machine, you can tick just the audio decoder, after that you got all necessary files to the audio decoder, i dont understand what's the probleme with my installer, Anyway
1- when you put those files it necessary to put them on the same folder
2- you need claud.sim, CLAudRC.dll, aac.dll, amr.dll, dec51.dll, dec71.dll ......etc
3- those files are needed with very variable situations, exp if you dont put dec51.dll, you can't play any ac3 or dts 5.1 channels, ac3.dll is needed for ac3 audio, dts.dll is for dts audio ...etc
4- personally i think that all files are needed to play all audio format
5- cyberlink have omitted the support of flac and vorbis audio
6- am not a hacker to be worry of my installer, i made it like that to be easy

6- all files are from Power DVD Ultra V13.0.2720.57

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I'm just wary of codec pack installers in general, don't take it too personally :).


That's interesting information. I'm using MPC-HC > ffdshow > Cyberlink Audio Decoder for Dolby Headphone only (the other codecs are not necessary, for me anyway). This works for all formats except multi-channel FLAC (the video won't play), so I was hoping this version would fix it. In my current setup I only need Claud.ax, Claud.sim, DolbyHph.dll, so I didn't know if that was still the case for PDVD13--I tried using only those 3 files from your installer, and the Dolby Headphone option wouldn't stick (it would get reset to stereo).


Hopefully no FLAC support does not entail no Dolby headphone FLAC support.

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