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Very nice.
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Originally Posted by olblueyez View Post
Very nice.
x2. Price?
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Little DAC I decoder uses the Wolfson Micro WM8740DAC which is the same chip used in the ARCAM CD36 CDPLAYER.


* 120dB SNR (’A’ weighted, mono @ 48kHz)
* 117dB SNR (’A’ weighted, stereo @ 48kHz)
* 104dB THD (’A’ weighted @ 48kHz)
* Sampling frequency : 8kHz - 192kHz
* Input data word : 16 to 24-bit
* Selectable digital low pass filter
* Optional interface to industry standard external filters
* Hardware or 3-wire SPI control
* Fully differential voltage outputs

There are 4 inputs:
* coaxial BNC
* coaxial RCA
* fiber-optic

Two outputs:

* RCA stereo
* XLR balanced thoughout

Size : 365 x 217 x 61 (H) mm
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Wow it uses BNC :O

...and has balanced outputs.

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This is exactly the type of DAC I'm looking for...how soon does it come out? And to reiterate a few posts above, is there a set price yet?
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Looks like a very nice DAC. USB input and balanced output.
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Oh Sh..
here we go again!
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hmmmm in for later
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crap. I was just on the verge of buying my first DAC then I stumbled on this thread. i love my LD amp so of course I'm curious.

Any clue on the the price and release date?
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damn if the price is right i might have to try this. BNC + XLR balance outs, drool. Wonder if they can add I2S input too.
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I asked Sword, but it's Chinese NY - will have to wait for a reply....

hoping they would match it with a good receiver chip.

and of course, reasonably priced
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Just found the other thread talking about the same thing..looks like it'll be priced around 275 USD
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When when when ????
Damn - was about to buy a Fooba II, but geez would this complement and look nice with my LD MK III - double drool...
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This may be a dumb question, considering it has the USB input...but this is an external soundcard usb dac right?
I don't actually need a sound card inside my pc?
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