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David purchased my K701 locally. He was a pleasure to talk and deal with, both in person and via pm. I would gladly do business with him again and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

Great transaction in every way!
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Sold David my Alien DAC this time round. Once again a quick and easy transaction.
A great person to deal with!
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David bought a couple of interconnects from me. Prompt payment and excellent communication, plus he's also a cool guy to deal with. Would not hesitate to do business again.
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David purchased my iBasso D10 in a face-to-face deal. He was a great guy to deal with and was kind enough to let me listen to a couple of his headphones. I would not hesitate in doing business with him again. Thanks again David and I hope you enjoy the amp.

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Holy cow, that arrived fast. Bought an Alien DAC off David. Fast communication, great guy to deal with.
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David bought an ipod lod from me. the transaction was perfect, he was so friendly. he is a great guy to deal with. recommended.

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sold him some balanced xlrs and some 4 pin xlrs good to deal with
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Sold David a set of power tubes. Great transaction. Highly recommended
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I purchased a used AKG K701 and Little Dot MKIII from David. Great price and a great guy to deal with. Showed up on time and explained the items for me thoroughly. Honest and detailed guy. Would not hesitate to deal with again.

Thanks David,

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David bought a pair of ESW9 from me for his friend. Great guy to deal with, fast communication, was very reasonable and paid promptly. Would definitely deal with him again.

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David bought my Audio GD Reference DAC 1, he was very quick with payment and a great buyer would deal with again.

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Sold David 2 pairs of cables, Audioquest Diamondbacks and Better Cables XLR.  The payment was very quick, and all communication was excellent.  There was a hold up in customs but David had excellent patience in the situation.  Recommend to all Head-fiers!  Thanks again.  

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