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Sheesh! A local plastic case store? Of course, we all have one of those

Possum jealous.
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Went to your new link and I still have to say you done an excellent job! Who makes the surface mount pot and jacks?
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flashbak, I have no idea which company makes those parts, but I can see KIE on the back of volume pot, and TIC on top of the jack. I think KIE and TIC are what you're looking for.

But, again, I don't think you can get those elsewhere but South Korea. Sorry.

The volume pot costs $0.75 and the jack costs $0.20
Cheap, but decent qualities.
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Those jacks appear to be the exact same ones my Total Airhead and Corda use, mustn't be too hard to obtain...

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Rotareneg, i meant that specific brand

If anyone wants to see the other side of TA,
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If you want to see what's different between the old TA and the new one just look here. :-)

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That is excellent work. I am impressed with your SOIC "adapter". Hope you didn't lose your vision soldering those tiny, hair-like pins. And for just $20! I am glad to see that the pocket amp can still be a bargain to build.

BTW, what type/brand of pot did you use?
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Cmoy I'm really appriciated
I hope the Headwise will get back soon.

Have no idea about brand It looks like Clarostat 585 to me.
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Man, that looks just great! I'd love to get a bunch of those cases!

Quality job all around!
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I'd love to be able to solder like that. DId you shrink wrap the wires too? Very nice.
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