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My Cmoy

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I spent less than $20 for this
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Very Nice!
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hey Gemul, nice amp! So clean, so tidy.

What opamps did you go with on those socket converters?
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Apheared, those are SOIC type opa134's.
I couldn't find DIP opa134's anywhere in South Korea
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Excellent job, very neat. What is the case? Manufacturer and model please, if you have it.

Which power supply? single or dual 9v or other?
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Ah. Yea, don't feel too bad... here in the U.S. we have just as much trouble getting the DIPs.

Also just wanted to say, I think that is the first cmoy I've ever seen that someone went with board mount jacks. The extra time it takes to position and measure both pcb and faceplate, and then the exactness you need when drilling... hurray for you!
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I agree with Apheared! It's more time consuming but worth the trouble! You really did a first class job on the construction and layout! Boy, I wish I could have found that case, led, jacks, volume pot, and knob for less then $20.00 around here!
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Wow! Nicely done. I too am impressed with the board mounted jacks. That makes the amp look very professionally made.

Great job!
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Jaw dropper!!!

Less than $20, and it's put together so well! That's my weakness, my craftsmanship
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nah, he´s fooling us, he prolly just bought it somewhere...cause, it doesn´t look DIY-ish at all !

I got to try my hand at this kind of stuff sometime....
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Yes, very nice job. I like the neatness of your layout. How about a picture of the other side of the pcb?
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very nice amp...

Since you're already using SOIC, i recommend changing the opamps to Analog Devices AD825...This is one of the best sounding opamps and is relatively cheep but is only available in SOIC package. I dunno if you can get those where you are, or if you want to mess with suck a well built amp, though...
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I don't want to show you this picture but..
Here's the other side

No_iq, I found the case at a local plastic case store. I couldn't find the name of Manufacturer and model # at all. All I know is that it's under $4 cheap case.

Braver, that was the biggest compliment i ever had

thomas. thanks for your tips. i'll think about it.
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man, that amp is too beautiful. I doubt mine'll look nearly that clean, there's going to be frayed wires and solder everywhere
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