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Warm, smooth, lush IEM's? - Page 3

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Well if you have the cash I'll go for the MDs because they do a lot things well and the build is much better than the SBs.

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I'd also recommend the SE530 and the IE8. If it wasn't for the IE8's overly bassy presentation, I'd put it ahead of the SE530 as my personal preference. The SE530 has a more balanced presentation in my opinion, but I find the IE8 more engaging.

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so inks...why did you sell your MDs if they were that great?

didn't you find it worth owning? seems what im really after is the MDs from the beginning.


the luscious and warm mids...

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I'm on a budget at the moment, if I had the money I would've easily kept them.

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i hope i can get my hands with them...sooner than expected.

i am still waiting for bro joker's review...i wonder if it would take another day/s.

asked him personally to post his views on them.


maybe i just cant decide for myself.

bro inks...would it be wise to buy a brand new pair for $320 at jr with the new boxed control talk version without the cds and booklet.

or should i opt for your sold item to mr. CORY GILLMORE for $270?

the one he owns is the one that came from you...with the MD cds and booklet.


MILES MILES...when will i have you in my ears? is too short to listen to bad earphones.

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bro inks, does MDs need an amp to drive them fully of their potential???

i never own an amp before...

and i think it will add more costs to me.

including wires.


i use my ipod as source.

ipod classic 120g.

headphone out or the universal dock out.

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sounds like the silver bullet is quite the performer at $70 bucks or so.


I really enjoyed the MD's during my couple weeks of using them. They probably are my favorite of the top 3 Monster earphones although the MD's are pretty ridiculously overpriced at their MSRP even more so than the Golds or Coppers. However warm mids is what defines the MD's and they are quite good.

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MDs (and monsters in general) definitely need a good source or an amp. Otherwise in the case for the MDs, they'll be too warm imo, look into the T3D/T3 which paired pretty well with it in my experience.


I'll take the ones that came from me because (and it may or may not make a difference) I did careful burn in at low volumes using piano tracks with lots of range and frequency sweeps and gradually went up. I remember the previous pair I had being slightly less controlled than this one, which may be from burn-in but I don't guarantee anything in regards to this. If you're really interested you can see this thread for more info.


Rawster I definitely agree that they're way overpriced (even at low 200s), but that's how flagships tend to be unfortunately. And the SBs sure are a performer, another funny thing about them is that they don't seem to have a particular sound sig, the only iem I've tried that had this feature was the RE252.

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+1! I had 5 pairs of the Vibe Duos (each replaced for free when the pair before it failed). Great warm sound, and very comfortable. After the 4th exchange though I just couldn't take the build problems any more and moved on to a search for the perfect solution. While they still work though - wow, great sound and comfort for the price.

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Despite quality concerns, V-Moda Vibe. Warm, smooth, and lush are its trademarks. It also has good authority in note, and isn't too muddy and maintains a decent level of detail and separation. They do get ripped on some for quality control past the Ver. 1 though, but they do actually perform well and is genuinely enjoyable to listen to.
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wow...warm mids = yummy mellow sound.


thanks inks for mentioning.


@mr. rawster,


why did you sell your MDs?

dont you find them worth keeping?

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I never owned the MD's. I had them for a couple weeks on a loaner from another head-fi member

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oh okey...

so what do you think mr. rawster, is the mds worth buying?

i am looking for the best mids out there with a really likeable warm signature.

my friend owns a hje900, do you think MDs can compete very well with them?

or is the hje900 that great that it can outrank the MDs?

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This nearly year old thread stopped back on post #22 tongue.gif  I'm not sure why you bumped it pinoyman.


Anywho, new adds:

-Fischer Audio Eterna (most fitting)

-Audio Technica CK90Pro


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i think...the answer here is the vortex iem by moshi.

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