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Warm, smooth, lush IEM's?

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i'm interested in hearing opinions on some higher end warm, lush IEM's. i'm admittedly quite confused here and perhaps it's because much of this is personal opinion based but interestingly enough, i don't seem to see the same type of discrepancy in speakers

so i'm looking almost exclusively for an ipod (80gb) solution here with about 20-25%% computer (laptop & desktop) usage. i travel sometimes as well so that is also a factor although i presume anything from the IEM line will be better than my old school on the ear phones.

i literally listen to everything--literally everything. but if i had to peg my top three it would be indie/alt rock, jazz and perhaps reggae but i really listen to everything often including classical, blues, r&b, hip hop, metal, latin etc.

my main thing here is i HATE, HATE HATE shrilly sound. fatiguing, shrilly sound is not for me. i also don't like overpowering bass but certainly like to hear relevant bass when it's there (see reggae ). i like warm, lush smooth sounding music (think tubes i guess but that might even be too warm). i don't really like an emphasis on any one aspect. on the other side, i don't need a 100% sterile analytical set either. unlike when i bought my speakers, these things are almost impossible to try out in any real qualified setting so i'm at a loss right now.

i'm very confused since i see so many differing opinions here and just when i think i've got my set of phones, i read something different. i know you guys are all inundated with newbie questions and i'm sure it gets old but i promise you i have been reading through these forums for days before posting here.

thanks in advance for any insight.
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My vote for a pair of Shure E500's/530's. Nice bottom end, lush midrange and a rolled off treble end. Non-fatiguing and very comfortable with some olive tips.
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Shure SE530 or Sennheiser IE8. Both are warm, lush and non fatiguing allrounders. The SE530 has the better noise islolation and the sound signature is a bit more controlled or sharp. The IE8 on the other hand has a more open, airy sound signature and a better soundstage. I own and love both.
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Futuresonics Atrio a5 is what I have now. The SE530 and IE8 are great too but guess what is $160? lol

I really like mine. I think that the 530s highs extend a bit more and detail level might be a smidge better but man are they all great sounding iems.

So close are they that I just bought the least expensive pair and got custom ear molds done. Total cost was $300. Not bad for custom iems.
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UE 5s.
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did you say balanced sound?

klipsch image x5. Seriously, these iems are so underrated, as they are overlooked by their bigger brother x10's, which imo has a bass emphasis, whereas the x5's have a tad bit less bass, and better highs.

balanced sound with a warm signature. totally non-fatiguing. I can listen to them for a considerably longer time.
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Despite quality concerns, V-Moda Vibe. Warm, smooth, and lush are its trademarks. It also has good authority in note, and isn't too muddy and maintains a decent level of detail and separation. They do get ripped on some for quality control past the Ver. 1 though, but they do actually perform well and is genuinely enjoyable to listen to.
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Atrio M5, warm, nice smooth,
IE8 if you want to invest a bit more,
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I find the IE8s to have a warm presentation with nicely detailed highs. The bass adjustment allows custom tailoring the overall balance to your ears. A really splendid design!
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+1 to the shure se530, i'd say they are warm but more importantly they make manage to make music fun to listen to while staying true. they are very flexible with the type of music you play through them, and have yet to sound anything but great with whatever music that i've put through them
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For lower budget, I prefer UE Super.Fi 5 Pro. You can get them for around $180.
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You can't go wrong with either the UE 5 Pro's if you want to stay on the 'cheap' end. Otherwise I suggest saving your chump change and getting the SE530 as well.
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I just got the Phonal Audeo PFE and I think these would work for the sound signature you are looking for. They come with two types of filters to tune the sound. The black (bass emphasis) filter brings out the bass and tames some of the highs but still maintains good clarity. The Grey filters bring out more mids, which I prefer.

I highly recommend these. I haven't heard many IEMs but of all I have owned these are something else.
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There are many warm sounding IEMs, but the smoothest and most tube like I've listened to is the Klipsch Custom 2, IEMs I have listened to includes the SE530, IE8, various Westones and UEs. If tube sound is what you arew after IMO you should go for the Custom 2 or 3, haven't heard the x10 and x5 so can't comment, but it seems to be their sound signature.

There is also the Philips SHE 9850, smooth warm but rolled of at the top.
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id vote se530, custom 2 is also nice for mids (i dont have the 3 yet) but still of everything ive heard if budgets covers the se530 is the one you want, mids are just soo smooth and wonderful. their bass is perfection, their mids are perfection and their highs are still better than most
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