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Ultrasone pro 750 vs pro 900

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i have found the ultrasone pro 750 for $250 and the Pro 900 for $345. I was wondering how these two compare.
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Well I am still burning in my PRO 900 so can´t give any final judgements. But that was a better price for the PRO 900 then I got. The bass goes deeper and they are a bit warmer with more body to the music. Voices are not there like on the 750 but this is a thing that may come with burn in from my experience with the 750.

But currently I preferr the 900 for instrumentals like classical music and am quite confused for songs in general which I preferr. They definiatly share a lot in common though so there is small changes but then the price difference for you isn´t that bad.

The cups are bigger and have softer velvet pads but otherwise comfort is pretty similar too.
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Originally Posted by Baird GoW View Post
the Pro 900 for $345
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Originally Posted by Mr. Purple View Post
Request a quote from RMC Audio. They are listed in the Ultrasone Sponsor forum here as an authorized dealer. Best price I found...$349 with free shipping.
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wow isnt that like pro 750s is 429 USD retail price? that seems like a bargin.
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Originally Posted by ecclesand View Post
Request a quote from RMC Audio. They are listed in the Ultrasone Sponsor forum here as an authorized dealer. Best price I found...$349 with free shipping.
Thanks a ton for the info. The price just went up to $389 in the past couple of days, but that is still a serious bargain.
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My PRO 900 is if not fully so at least close to be fully burned in now... I would say definiatly go for the PRO 900... 750 only if you want a brighter and a bit more forward presentation. But for me it´s no contest any longer which I preferr
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Better pads on the 900...
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Better 900...
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I have a pair of the (slightly) older proline 750's. Is the consensus that the pro 900 is a bit less forward once burned in? For me the 750 is just brilliant on some recordings, and fatiguing via both too much treble and too much bass on others. I was hoping for a closed can that was not quite as bright and fatiguing as my not so dearly departed grados, and just a bit more forward and efficient than my beloved but currently under-amped by my Pico Sennheiser 580's.

Is the 900 a more "pleasant" headphone to listen to?
Is the bass as present as on the 750? (not necessarily a plus for me)
Do any of you find it fatiguing via too much bass or treble?
Is it any more comfortable than the 750? (750's not bad, but a bit heavy)

The 750 is an OK fit for my needs. I'm trying to decide whether the 900 would be a better fit, or if I should move to other brands.

Again, Here's sort of what I'm looking for: CLOSED with a sound signature similar to my Senn 580's, but a little less laid back, and more efficient for being driven with my Pico, or straight out of the iPod / iPhone once in a while. I love my shure 530's, and would love to capture that sound in a CLOSED can at $250 or less, new or used.

What I'd like to change on my 750's:
Tighten the base, or lessen it just a bit. At times it is sublime, at times it is just fatiguing. This could be the quantity available in the 750, or the quality and content of the recording itself, I'm not sure. My senns rarely, if ever have this issue, same for the shures.

Slightly more rolled off highs, or slightly more present mids

A bit more "lushness"

I don't know if it's the S-logic, or just me and closed cans, but I swear after a while, I get almost a tremelo effect and have to pull them off and rest my ears. 1.5 - 2 hours seems to be my wear limit, though this is the case with most cans, so this is not a major complaint. I would like a pair I can wear for 3 or 4 hours though.

Lastly, (trans)portability - the ultrasone form factor with folding and especially rotating the cups so the whole package folds flat is perfect. This foldability, at least the cups rotating to fold flat is a necessity for my needs from "this pair" of cans.

Oh, and I find the blue color borders on fugly so a different color would be nice. Not that I'm vain or anything...
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The PRO 900 have a wider soundstage I do believe... Nothing dramatic by any means. 900 also have a bit more prominent bass but is overall smoother then the 750. They are slightly less forward which is probably due to both the slightly larger soundstage, smoothness and being a bit warmer.

As with the 750 the bass is sometimes gone completely and on some tracks they is bass heavy.. Quite transparent headphones for sure compared to say for example the D5000 which inflicts it´s own personality on every song .

Overall due to the extra smoothness and better extension I do feel that the 900 is more pleasant. There is more body to it which is important for classical music. Sometimes they make me want to cry I really don´t know why though. I don´t get that with the 750 or other headphones... But you won´t find any earth shattering differences they are really quite closely related.

I would definiatly recommend the 900 for everyone who doesn´t got a 750 or 900 yet though. I hope I will get the Kees mod to try that. If it will help or break it for me I am absolutely not sure. But should help keeping the bass in check if you don´t like that. As for tired ears I think it´s that they are so detailed there is more to pick up and process since they are so good with separating instruments, voices. Other than that you can play them really loud of course. For me it helps lowering volume to far lower then what I initially feel is optimum volume

As for comfort well it´s nice with the bigger pads and they do have softer ear pads. but again it´s not that much difference in comfort as to the 750... I have the same pressure point on top of my head which is sometimes there sometimes not. comes in black so fixes that and has some aluminium parts on it.

Again overall it´s very small differences but put together it´s worth the price difference for me compared to the old proline series at least. PRO series is just the same for the 750 and 900 I believe?
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Oqvist, thank you for your response. I'm not sure where that leaves me. Looking up the Kees mod, I suspect, then either moving on or up the US ladder one more spot. Thank you again, and if this exchange was a thread-jack, sorry for that! Control of your thread is now returned to you...
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If you are not happy with the 750 chances are not that big you will be happy with the 900 I suspect with or without the Kees mod.

But since it sounds like you are decently happy with the 750 I would think you would be happier with the 900 lol... Just don´t expect anything huge . they beat markl modded D5000 for sure. D7000 if you have a guargantuan head or don´t mind loose fitting headphones may be an alternative. Though they probably isolate a bit less going from the markl D5000 experience.

would love to get a hold of the D7000 though I have a hard time seeing myself being happy with the comfort on those. I don´t like headphones that don´t stay put
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